Friday, August 7, 2009

Enjoying Home!!

We're all very glad to finally be home! We're still getting over the last of our jet lag. Not fun at all! The boys and I have colds so hopefully the coughing and runny noses will stop soon. Malia is adjusting very well and sleeps in her room. She still wakes up on occassion to go the bathroom, but thats fine. I'm so thankful that she sleeps well!! The other day Martin picked some Saskatoon berries and Malia loved them. She kept stuffing them in her mouth just as fast as Martin could pick them.

Malia enjoys the slide and swing as well, although she still thinks the slide is a bit scary. She really likes being outside. Alex, Morgun and Malia all love being in the sanbox as well. It allows me to do some yard work. Thanks to Wayne and Ruth and Lisa for making sure everything was well maintained while we were gone. It was soooo nice to come home to a nicely kept yard and garden.

Alex and Morgun have been spending hours wandering around the yard with their slingshots trying to shoot birds or gophers. Its so neat to watch them bond even more now that Malia has arrived.

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