Monday, April 25, 2016

Wren April 2016

I think I start every post wondering where the time has gone.  My intentions are to blog consistently, but that simply hasn't been an option these past few months.  I used to think that 6-8 medical appointments a month was nuts.  Now we're up to 10 or 11 a month!  I'm at the point where I actually look forward to appointments because it means I get to spend some one on one time with one or two kids.  And that makes me happy.  It's also a time to relax!  lol!  No running around doing a million things at a time!
Anyhow, I really had meant to post an update on Wren a looong time ago. I've been struggling with knowing what to post, and what not to post.  I really want to be sensitive to Wren and her siblings.  I find the more I blog, the more private I want to become.  But this is not my story.  It's not even entirely Wren's story (don't get me IS her story, but if that was all there was to tell, I'd probably keep it quiet.)  It's God's story, and I feel with every fibre of my being that this story needs to be told.
For those of you who have been and continue to be our biggest prayer warriors, I apologize.  I know you have followed this story for a while, and I know you've been anxiously awaiting an update.  Anyhow, here it is.
Wren has been home for 5 months now!  In some ways it feels like a very short time. But mostly it feels like she's been in our family for years.  Most of our kids have settled in to this new normal.  A few still struggle at times. 
It makes me smile every time Jackson affectionately calls Wren, WrenWren.  It makes me smile every time the kids argue about who is going to push Wren's chair or help her out of her chair.  It makes me smile when big brothers help their little sister.  But mostly, this life of ours makes me smile because there is such a peace and joy...even in the stress and chaos!
Wren is doing VERY well!  She loves, loves to be outside!  She especially loves the sandbox.  She loves it when it's cold and windy.
She love it when it's sunny and warm.  She giggled and giggled at the feel of sand between her toes!
Wren had her first Canadian wiener roast and loved it!

She flew her first kite and loved watching it or loved flying the kite herself.
Wren has gained 6 pounds and is up to 56 lbs now.  She measures 4 ft 4 inches.  (Her and Malia are the exact same height.)
We've had a lot of appointments for Wren these past few months and every single one of them has brought good news.  Hopeful news.  We were surprised to hear our orthopedic say Wren shows no signs of scoliosis and that her hips are not dislocated.  She is confident that it's a matter of "when" Wren will walk, not a matter of "if".  I could have jumped for joy at that news!  Of coarse we don't know what that walking will look like.  It may mean walking with a walker.  Or with a cane.  Or knock kneed.  But that's more than fine!  We're just so incredibly excited to do what needs to be done to make those first steps happen!
Wren's hair is slowly growing.  Her hair is getting softer and softer.  When she first arrived home it was very coarse and almost stiff.  We have her on an intense regime of supplements and it is astounding what that has done for her hair, her stomach, and her overall health.  Wren is determined to grow out her bangs.  I'd rather keep the bangs...she looks so grown up without them, and I'm so not ready to have her grow up any faster than it's already happening.
Wren got new AFO's (ankle foot orthopedics).  These are more supportive and more comfortable than the ones she had in China.  They offer a lot of support, and make it much easier for her to bear weight.  And they allow her foot to fit into shoes better.
And Wren has been seeing an OT and PT.  They are both so incredibly amazing!  Wren is practicing standing on the walking stand. I didn't catch in on camera, but she couldn't hold back a great big grin!!

Wren also got to try out a motorized chair.  Her therapists were amazed at how well she did and were convinced Wren must have used one before.  I'm pretty certain she hasn't.  We are waiting to find out whether she will qualify for a motorized chair.

Wren has also been taking riding lessons. Each week she can hardly wait to go riding.  It is one of the most comprehensive therapies available.  It's so very good to build muscle strength, for emotional healing, and for mental health. 
So I accidentally uploaded the wrong's the correct one...the one with Wren.  The one above is of Malia and Raina.  They also LOVE riding!  It is so very, very good for them too!  We have seen many positive changes in our girls that will forever positively impact their lives.
I am continually amazed at how well Wren is doing!  I've read a lot of books, listened to a lot of videos, and spoken to many parents and professionals with experience in adoption and trauma...and this girl is simply amazing!  I am convinced, that for some reason, her young heart has been protected.  She is so very open to love, to us and our chaos, emotions, and short comings.  That is nothing short of a miracle!  I can not wait to see how God uses this girl for His kingdom!
The rest of this week and next week are filled with appointments, so I will be too busy to least that's what I'm setting my mind to.  That way if I happen to get around to it, it's a bonus!  lol!
Anyhow, I hope you all have a great week...and if you happen to think of us, say a little prayer as we navigate an unusually busy week.   Thanks so much!