Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Day of Remembering

Today is a bittersweet day for us. 

It is the day we remember my Mom.  She would have turned 72 years old today.  A part of me wishes she were here to celebrate and a part of me is so very thankful that she has the privilege of celebrating yet another birthday with her very best friend ever...Jesus.  There are days I ache and still cry...although time does heal and these days are certainly not as frequent as they used to be.

Thanks to Alex, we have a very special flower bed filled with Grandma's flowers.  These flowers grow like weeds...and perhaps they are...but they are oh so very beautiful!   A few years before Mom passed away she gave Alex a small pot of these flowers.  In fall, I threw it out and would you believe it...they grew!...under my deck non the less!  Alex insisted we plant them in an appropriate place...and I'm so glad we did! 

These flowers take me back to when I was very small, walking in my Grandma's garden on a warm Sunday afternoon admiring her beautiful flowers...I wouldn't doubt that is where my Mom first got a clipping from to start her flowers.  I suppose calling this flower bed "Grandma's flowerbed" is very appropriate.

Today is also the day we celebrate arriving home with our mischievous and giggly Malia!  Malia has grown in leaps and bounds and she continues to amaze us.  She is incredibly strong and unbelievably happy!  In the past 6 months Malia has really begun to understand her value in our family and that she has the same rights as everyone else.  She finally has the courage to express more of her wants.  This has taken years of us reassuring and insisting on her asking for things. 

I wait for the day that she expresses all her deepest thoughts.  Recently she made a comment about having a sad song in her head...she is constantly making up songs.  I replied that I would prefer if her song was a happy one, to which she responded, "Oh Mom!  It's not AS sad a song as when I was little!"   After some more thought she said, " Mom, someday I'm gonna tell you all things that are in my head."

It blesses my heart to see her continue to grow in trusting us...and it scares me...I hope I'm ready with all the right words, actions, etc when Malia finally does decided to share her thoughts.  Thankfully I have an awesome God by my side!  

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!"  Philippians 4 :13

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Changing Landscape

I remember travelling as a kid and seeing power lines everywhere.  It has been many years since I last travelled through the southern prairies and I was quite surprised to see the changing landscape.

These great big whirly birds are everywhere and are quite impressive simply because they are massive!

I had planned to post more pictures but it appears that my computer once again has a virus or a hard drive issue.  As a result it may be awhile before I can post again...unless I am fortunate and am able to limp my way through another post.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

As you've all noticed I've not blogged in a long time.  Life has been too busy.  Busy getting the camper ready to head out to Wisconsin for a week to meet up with Kathy and Mark and their family, trying to do yard work between downpours, wrapping up most of the adoption paperwork and then coming home to mountains of laundry, two foot high weeds...and I'm not exaggerating!...cleaning the camper...and once again trying to catch up on yard work between downpours. 

 To top it off, I've once again been struggling with all that comes with saying good-bye to my sister and her family...I do not like living so far apart one little bit!  Do you hear the attitude that comes with that statement?  Trust me it's there!  I know I'm being a big brat and honestly my gratefulness is so much greater than my dislikes.  We really had not thought we would be able to see them so soon.  We had thought it would likely be a few years and it's only been a year!  How cool and awesome is that!?!

We began our trip with a stop a Tim Horton's...couldn't ask for a better start!...(well, truth be told...Starbucks does have a better hot chocolate...as for the coffee...I wouldn't know, as I'm not a coffee drinker.) 

Perhaps one of the best part of a Tim's cup is it's entertainment value.  First Raina looked in the cup repeatedly...

...and then decided it was worth a shot to try to get some yummy chocolate!  Too cute!

I'll be sure to post more of our trip in the next few days...most likely between yard work and a downpour! lol!