Friday, December 6, 2013

Raina's 4th Birthday!

My sweet baby girl is 4!  This post is super late, but I still want to share.  We had a blast planning her party.  This girl asks for a horse almost every day.  Especially if we're driving somewhere.  She'll say things like, "Mom!  I want a horse.  Can we go buy a horse NOW?" or "I'm saving for a horse. Can I go buy a horse now?"  or when given some money, "I have enough money to buy a horse now!"
Yup!  This girl loves horses!  Anything with horses...books, movies; especially FLICKA! And all things pretty and girly!  So we incorporated both into her party.
For some silly reason Raina has begun sticking out her tongue when she's the center of attention.  Too cute!
Raina's been a very slow eater for the past year, and every meal is a battle to get her to finish.  Well, her birthday happened to fall on a Sunday and she wanted to open a present before we left for church.  Long story short...Raina finished her breakfast before anyone else!  lol!

Notice the cute butterfly ring on her hand.  Raina always wears some sort of jewellery.  And most often it compliments her outfit!  She will certainly grow up to have more style sense than her mother!  :)

And yes, she got a horse.  Not a real horse, but a horse for her dolls.  And yes, she has tried riding it!  lol!  But for the moment she is content that she finally has a horse.



We invited friends over for pizza after church.  Raina insisted that Cece be there!  We love this family!  They have adopted twice and there is a great connection.  And Nate didn't even fuss at having to drink out of "mug" with pink accents and pink juice!  ;)

I LOVE this picture!  Cece is a heart crusher! So incredibly lovable and adorable!  Maybe that's why Raina and Cece have such a connection...just saying!  Ok! I'm bragging about my baby girl...but honestly, she is nothing but sweetness!

Love this boy too!  Sweet Elijah!  Recently home from China.  Love how he adores my China babies!

The kids helped make the treat bags.  I love doing this.  Kids get to pick what they want...of coarse most want everything!  And it's something to do!

 More gifts...

 Raina is such a blessing to our family.  Everyone loves her.  She is sweet and kind...unless her little brother takes something of hers!  She wakes up cheerful each and every day.  She still naps regularly.  She is mischievous and busy. She loves being read to and playing with her dolls and kitchen.  She loves watching TV/movies...especially Hannah Montana and Flicka.  She generally follows Malia's lead and will say and do most of what Malia tells her to do.  She is strong willed and determined.  She will ask for the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over get the picture! :) Usually in one breathe!  Raina is an incredible gift from God!  So thankful we said "yes!"