Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009

Last Blog

Yes!! Halelujah!! I'm so glad we're in the last stretch or our stay! Today has been a lazier day. We went shopping for a bit this morning and then to McDonald's for lunch. Malia has learned how to dip her fries and chicken nuggets in ketchup just like her big brothers and her Daddy. She is so cute and proud of herself.
Malia is having a nap, so I'm quickly taking the time to post for my last blog. Thanks to Kathy and Mark for posting for me. I have been unable to do so from Beijing. I'll try to post again once we're settled at home. Thanks to every one for all your prayers and support! We couldn't do without them! Please continue to pray, the journey has only begun. I recently read a quote that said "Every child is a story waiting to be told". I hope and pray that our part in Malia's story will be positive and encouraging to her and others. If any of you are wondering about our flight information you can contact my sister Lisa or Martin's sister Martha. They both know where to find the information. ttyl.

July 29, 2009

We also had a good-bye China and Birthday Party tonight! The meal was the worst we've had so far, but the entertainment was great! They put on a magician show for the kids. Malia was a little afraid of the gal in the costume. Malia Loved the cake! I wonder how often she has had cake. Judging by the way she devoured it, I would say rarely, if ever.
We celebrated Martin's birthday along with a little boy that was adopted.

All the other people in our group, except for one couple, leave for Canada tomorrow. I'm jealous!!

Sorry forgot this for the last blog. Marie sent it seperately.

July 29, 2009

Sorry folks, I couldn't post this blog last night. Mark needed the computer for his class and the assignment he was working on was due at midnight, so I had to wait till this morning.

Another hot and very smoggy day in Beijing. We went to Tianamen square today. It was rather interesting to know that students here are not taught about the history, as we know it, of Tianamen square. Our guide learned about it because tourists were asking her questions. We also went to the Forbidden City. What a nightmare! It was very, very busy. It was beautiful, but difficult to take it all in with people bumping into us, trying to keep track of our kids and making sure we didn't lose each other or become seperated from the group. One woman from our group became seperated from her husband. Needless to say we were all pretty worried. Thank goodness our guide told us where to meet if we did get lost. Poor gal was very emotional and relieved to see her hubby and child again!

Once again all 3 of our kids did an amazing job!! And no major tantrums today!! Malia stayed in her bed all night!! We feel very blessed! She is a very smart and happy little girl! She is trying to figure out where the boundaries are and is very mischievious! She knows what is expected, but then does the opposite and then laughs. It is kind of funny but also frustrating!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27, 2009

Well Marie sent another update for the blog. This is good, I'm glad we are getting information.
But no pics this time, bummer i know.

We had a much better day today. Malia is asleep in her bed! We'll see if she'll stay there all night. She has the most adorable smile! Alex and Morgun get tired of her presence at times, but love her dearly and like to spend time with her. It blesses my heart!
Malia and I went to the Pearl Market today and then opted out of the rest of the activities. We took a cab back to our hotel. Martin, Alex and Morgun went swimming, and did some shopping. Alex and Morgun really enjoyed some time alone with Dad. I wish I could spend some time alone with them, but it is hard to do. Malia tends to prefer being with me rather than Martin. When she naps and at bedtime I do spend some time with them, but they don't think its enough and neither do I.
Tonight we went to an acrobatic show, which was absolutely awesome! Alex and Morgun LOVED it! Even Malia enjoyed it, although she was very tired. She was a little antsy, but overall did a fantastic job!
Could you please pray for one of the couples in our group? They arrived here expecting a boy. The child they were expecting ended up having severe neurological problems. They were offered a different child, which they accepted. They have now adopted a little girl. They had the baby room decorated in blue and struggled with not taking the boy, and yet knowing they made the right choice. I doubt that our government would have even allowed the adoption to proceed. On top of that, their flight to Beijing from the province they adopted the little girl from was delayed. They ended up arriving in Beijing around 8am the next day rather than around 5pm the day before. Today they found out they will most likely only beable to leave Beijing on Monday rather than this Thursday. Apparently their paperwork will only be ready then. They also have a 4yr old daughter along. As you can imagine they are struggling. My heart aches for them! Thanks for praying!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27,2009

What a day! Mama is having a meltdown! I'm soooooooooo ready to go home! Our boys were homesick again and so was I. Malia was having meltdowns as well. Its a difficult life living in a hotel room. The walls close in, so we go out, but that gets to be exhausting.

Malia had her medical examination today. She didn't really like it, but didn't cry. Thank-you Lord!!

After lunch we went to the Summer Palace which was way to crowded for our liking. Amazing architecture!
Then we went to the Silk factory, which we all thought was pretty amazing. We actually got to see how silk is spun and the items made from silk. They felt so good, I could almost feel myself at home enjoying a good sleep in my own bed!
Tuesday July 28, 2009
Its 9am and Malia is still sleeping. She crawled into bed with me last night, which is a first. I feel for her! We do our best to give her lots of hugs and kisses. Most importantly we are all ready to face a new day! I will be going to the Pearl market and the Indoor market with Malia ( at least if she wakes up:). Martin and the boys plan to go swimming and then will join us for a tea ceremony this afternoon. We're not sure about the acrobat show tonight. We'll play things by ear.
For Rebecca: We've seen feathers several times and also some gold sparkles :) God is GOOD!!

Meeting Malia

Here are the photos that Marie tried sending a while ago, they finally came through. this one is when she went to Martin after meeting her.

Finally a Family of Five

July 26, 2009

Malia is settling in way better than we expected. Her tantrums are lasting longer, but that is a good sign. she is understanding many words by now including "no, come, bye-bye, go pee" and many more. Enough for us to get by. She has even begun to say "I love you" in chinese! It is among the few phrases we know. she is afraid of the water at the pool, but she likes taking a bath. However she does not like having her hair washed or teeth brushed.

Today was a very long day!!! And hot!! But not as hot as it was last week. We went to the Great wall, Jade factory, Cloisonne factory and the 2008 Olympic grounds. My favorite was the Great Wall. Malia does not like the carrier, but here it was not an option. She fought it most of the way up. Martin and the boys went down sooner than I did. As soon as they left she was fine. Of course it was after that, that she decided she needed to pee. There were no bathrooms, so she peed into a drainage pipe with people looking on. Too funny!! I really wanted to go all the way to the top, but ran out of time. We ended up going to the more difficult location because the other spot (where we had an easy or difficult option) was too busy. I'm not sure the pictures do it justice in letting you know how steep of a climb it was.

July 24, 2009

More paper work today :(. We visited the Beijing zoo this afternoon. The highlight was the elephants.

Malia is continuing to do well. She sleeps well and will nap wherever we go. At night she often awakens to use the bathroom, but usually only once a night.

She is beginning to have some attitude and tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. She also pouts if she is not happy. She is calling me "Mama" and Martin "Papa". She has difficulty saying Alex and Morgun's names.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Martin & kids feeding fish


Well I finally got all her emails onto the blog. Marie did say that she is having trouble emailing and has to pay for any emails she sends and will be updating me every 2 - 3 days. She tried sending some photos and it didn't work, so I'm hoping she'll try again. Ido have one that I will try and post on here later. In the mean time, continue to pray and wait as patiently as we can :)


July 23, 2009

Free day and Shopping

Finally a free day! We slept in, and went shopping. The guys went swimming again. There are not many areas for kids to run around and play, so Alex and Morgun really take advantage of the pool.

July 22, 2009

Exhausting day of Paperwork!

What a day! We left around 8:30 this morning to do more paperwork and only got back around 3:00pm. We had expected only a few hours of paperwork and were not prepared to be out the whole day. Had I known it would take so long I would have taken toys, etc along for the kids. We got back to the hotel and vegged for a bit and then Martin took the boys swimming. They loved every moment!! Malia is terrified of the water and didn't even want to enter the pool area. The food here is great, although our boys don't like much other than the McDonalds and Pizza Hut.

July 21, 2009

Beihai Park

We went to Beihai park today. It was very pretty and the kids got to feed the fish. It was very hot and Martin felt faint. It sure felt good to get back to an air conditioned hotel! Malia had a nap today, not sure if we'll continue with that. Alex is really enjoying Beijing. Morgun on the other hand is ready to go home! All 3 kids are handling everything very well.

July 20, 2009


Malia slept through the night. What an answer to prayer! We went to the Beijing Adoption Center today to register and to take a photo. We moved to the Presidential Palace Hotel. The rooms are bigger, and the streets are not as smelly!! We also have two rooms now which is great.

July 19, 2009

Finally a Family of Five!!

We spent the morning shopping at a market where they sell name brand knockoffs. It was an overwhelming experience at first. I did buy a spring jacket and we enjoyed ourselves! Morgun figured one of his arms was longer than the other because one of the sales ladies grabbed his arm to try and get us to buy and wouldn't let go. Martin was holding his other hand. Morgun thought it was funny!
We made sure we were back by 1:30. We were told to be back in our rooms for 2:30 to recieve Malia! I was a nervous wreck!! I was totally excited!! We finally met her around 3-3:30pm!! What an AWESOME moment!!! Malia was very shy at first, but eventually went to Martin and shortly thereafter came to me!!! She is adorable!! When we got back to our room she sobbed. Poor dear she must be overwhelmed and confused. She settled quickly though. Alex and Morgun are tickled pink!! She's got them wrapped around her finger already!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

China update

For those of you who have been waiting, and waiting to hear from Marie and Marty we finally have some tidbits of information.
They are doing well and even enjoying some touristy stuff. They also have done a ton of paperwork, but seems all is going well.
I will try and get the photos they sent, right now I can't access them, but hopefully Mark will beable to help and we'll post those.
But for now, they are safe and doing well.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey Guys
Hope all is going well for you in China.
Sorry I forgot to phone you on Wed before you left I remembered Thurs.
Thinking of you lots & lots of little prayers going up for you
Jaidyn is so excited to meet Alex & Morgun's little sister
Hope to hear from you soon
Love Ruth

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We're almost ready to leave for China on Thursday!! I can hardly wait!! So far everything is flowing smoothly!! Our boys will be travelling with us. We finally told them on Saturday and they are both very excited and can hardly wait to meet Malia!! Amazingly they are not stressed! Thank-you Lord!!

Morgun got his first "shiner" this weekend jumping on Auntie Lisa and Uncle Glen's trampoline. He wanted another one until I reminded him how hard he had gotten bumped just to get the first one!! Funny guy! :) He makes my heart sing!!

We spent a few days in Drumheller the first weekend in July. It was nice to get away from all the work at home and have some family time. It was spur of the moment, but turned out well. This is one of my favorite photos.