Friday, October 28, 2011


Ever have one of those days where you wish you could go back in time and relive a special moment or time again?  Today, I wish Martin and I were back in Quebec City enjoying each others' company...laughing, talking and reconnecting in a way that is virtually impossible with kids around.  It was a time where I felt the wrinkles melt from my face and my step was a little lighter.  Don't get me wrong...I love my kids and generally enjoy being with them.  However, just for the next 24 hours I would love to go back in time!  Gotta love good times!!!  :) 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coon Hound

My brother-in-law just send me these photos.  They are hilarious!  Martha and Dan cared for our dog while we were gone.  They stopped by our house on Sunday morning to feed Cheeko and came across 2 raccoons perched on Cheeko's makeshift kennel.  Later that day they returned with a camera to the exact same scene...with Cheeko sunning himself in the warm sunlight, occasionally glancing at the raccoons.  You will never guess how long those poor coons had to stay up there!  Tuesday night when my sister Eve arrived home with the kids one raccoon was still perched on to of the post!  By Wednesday morning the last coon had fled.  

Who knew we had a coon hound?!? I'm fairly certain the raccoons learned their lesson and will NEVER EVER mess with Cheeko's food again!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time For Fall Cleaning???

I think it is time for some major fall cleaning and organizing.  Raina loves my bottom drawer in the kitchen and often tries to play with all the stuff in it.  Although I don't allow her to play with my grocery items, I was not too concerned about her making a big mess...I thought there was nothing in the drawer to cause concern.  Wrong!  Raina managed to find one, yes, only one small bottle of food coloring (all the other colors are tucked away safely), and made a HUGE mess!  Blue coloring on her hands, feet, floor, inside the cupboard, outside of the cupboard...everywhere!  Now THAT is a huge motivator to reorganize and clean!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cutting Firewood

We spent part of Thanksgiving Day cutting firewood.  This is a yearly project and we had hoped to cut enough for the year...not sure if we accomplished that!  We love having the option of heating our house with the wood stoves, although most often we simply start a fire for the extra warmth and comfort.  There is no other source of heat that is as comforting and warm!

Raina eating, I did not take this picture...I was in the bush hauling logs. Yuck!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

L'lle d'Orleans

We spent a few half days exploring the countryside and L'lle d'Orleans.  This little island is a must see!  We saw many, many quaint homes...all of which I wanted!  :)

The churches in and around Quebec are fascinating!

Our absolute favorite though was the vineyards!  They make the BEST wine I have ever tasted!  So good, in fact, that I would seriously have some shipped our way!

Our second favorite thing about Quebec was the spectacular fall colors...although we visited a few weeks too early to see the true splendor of all the leaves.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quebec City

Our visit to Quebec City was incredible!  We stayed at a cute little Chateau within walking distance to Old Quebec City.

I loved the amazing architecture.  I adore almost anything old, especially old buildings!  I was in my glory! 

...the Parliament Buildings with all of the amazing paintings, stained glass windows, and ornamental designs...and history...

 ...Plains of Abraham....

 ...the narrow streets...

...narrow entrances to homes...

...the buildings...

...World's most photographed Hotel, Chateau Frontenac...

...the inner court yard of Chateau Frontenac.  I was determined to spend at least one night here, but the price was way a little  too expensive, running at $425+ per night!  Good thing a girl can dream!!

We wined and dined to our hearts content..well almost...Martin would have wined more if he hadn't been such a good, cheap Menno!  I LOVE food, and savoured all the flavours from goat cheese, to creme brulle, but must admit my favorite food was the soups and I will certainly try to replicate them!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twenty Years!!!

Today we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary!  Unbelievable!!  Time sure does fly!  I still vividly remember that day.  It was a beautiful, foggy fall morning with frost on the trees.  By 11am the sun was shining and the air was warm. 
We were young and deeply in love and could hardly wait to begin our new life together!  Little did we know how different life would be 20 years later.  Everything has changed...for the better!  We love each other more now (I knew that would happen :), and our level of trust has grown in leaps and bounds.  I can honestly say we are each others best friend!
Looking back, I see who we were and compare it to who we are now.  Our faith is no longer a teeny, tiny little box of does and don'ts.  Rather it is a very personal friendship with God himself!  We have done things that our families have/do frown upon...and we're having a blast!  What amazes me the most is that we have both grown in the same areas.  I can only imagine what our relationship would be like if one of us had refused to simply would not work!
I sometimes wish I had it to do all over again...meaning the wedding itself.  The hair would have to go!  The youthful skin could stay! But most of all, I would serve alcohol and have a dance...just so all the old prunes wouldn't show up!  LOL!  Seriously though, I would do a few things differently, but overall it really doesn't matter.  I was going through some stuff and was stunned at how little our wedding cost.  Our parents paid for the meal, and part of the hall rental.  The rest was our responsibility.  Being young, we didn't have a lot.  I had a student loan, car loan...and that's about all!  I didn't even have a decent winter jacket or boots! 
I sewed my dress and my bridesmaid's dress.  I reused my hair piece from my high school graduation and Martin purchased an inexpensive suit.  Not including the meal (which Mom and other family members prepared) our total cost was about $1600.00! 
I am so very thankful for the wonderful marriage we have!  I couldn't be more blessed!  Then again, if our love continues to grow...which I know it will (love has a way of multiplying)...I will be even more blessed!  Can't wait to see what the next 20 years will bring!
Us on our wedding day!!!!

Celebrating our second honeymoon in Quebec City!!  :)