Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh! Sooo, Sooo Pretty!!

I painted Malia's finger and toe nails the other day. She is definitely a girly girl. (I'm not sure how that will work. . . I am not much of a girly girl. But I suppose I can learn! Or so I hope!) Malia was thrilled and kept looking at her nails saying "Oh! Sooo, sooo pretty!" She was totally thrilled!
I love Malia's little fingers and toes and her chubby little legs and elbows! Now if only we could solve the problem with the dry skin. Definitely a difference between the humidity in China and Canada. Malia did not have dry skin at all in China. Only on arriving home did her skin become dry. The spring weather seems to have worsened the problem

Getting tired of having her picture taken.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Special Aunties and Uncles

Malia received the sweetest "welcome home" gift! Kathy and Mark, and Ben and Alison bought Malia a little "Baby be Blessed" doll. It is a Chinese doll that has Malia's name and a scripture verse written on its tummy. Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite verse and one that will hopefully be very special to Malia as well. Malia was tickled pink to receive this doll. Thank you Kathy & Mark, andBen & Alison!!! I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

You can visit Baby be Blessed website at

When Little Girls Dress Themselves. :)

I couldn't resist taking this picture! Someday Malia will likely be unimpressed that this picture exists, but what can I say other than that I think its adorable . . .

Saturday, April 17, 2010


We finally had a beautiful day and I took advantage of it! I am planning to run 10 km in the Bridge City Boogie coming up in June. I've never done something like this before and had set my goal at completing the 10 km in 1 hour 15 mins. The gal I'm running with ran 10 km last year and plans to finish in an hour or less this year. . . soooo I guess if I want to keep up I'll be hurting for awhile. I have been training for 2 weeks, starting with running 1 min, walking 1 min. This week I'm up to running 3 mins and walking 1 min. I know that sound rather simple, but it's not. This morning I ran/walked 5.5 km. . . it's the farthest I've ran so far. In fact, it's an entire km more than I have ever run. Now I'm paying the price! I hurt soooo bad! I didn't realize that even my arms would hurt from running! And every muscle from my waist down! To top it off, I couldn't resist doing some yard work. I did a little raking, pruned all the trees, and filled in the holes where big rocks were removed last fall. Needless to say I am feeling rather weak and tired! However, I do feel very proud of myself . . . it only took 33 mins to run the 5.5 km! If I can keep up the pace, I should be able to finish the 10 km in an hour!

Monday, April 5, 2010


"He is risen! He is not here! " Mark 16:6
I thank God for sending His son to die for our sins!

We had a great Easter! Malia was very excited looking for easter eggs. Alex and Morgun loved it as well! And, no, our kids are normally NOT allowed to crawl up on the cupboards or mess with the water dispenser!

Just to be silly Martin hid my stuff as well, so I hid his gift too. Malia saw me hide it and was determined to tell Martin where it was! Needless to say she cried when not allowed to help Daddy find his gift. :) As soon as Martin found it Malia was all smiles again!