Friday, February 25, 2011

Being Canadian

There are many things that make us Canadians unique...I could list all the typical "What it means to be Canadian" things. But that gets here is my definition, at least in part, of what it means to be a TRUE Canadian.  
We awoke to temperatures of -49C (with windchill) today, with yesterday being pretty much the same.  Instead of hunkering down in front of the wood stove, we decided to make ice cream!  And oh, the fun we had!   The kids, along with cousin Brian, all helped whip up the ingredients...

 ...put ice in the ice cream maker...

..and then, after many hours...savoured every bite of the yummy ice cream! 

Now that is something only a TRUE Canadian would think of doing!!

PS.  I must admit I was a bit of a wimp, and had a looong soak in a hot tub afterward...I was chilled to the bone!  :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raina and Malia's Room

I finally took the time to take some pictures of the girls' room (I love saying "girls' room!).  I kept forgetting, or when I did think of it I was busy with something else.  Initially we had thought we would be adopting a 3 year old and had thought the girls could share a bed and Malia's room would hardly change.  Obviously, that is not what happened and we needed a crib.  With that we needed more space.  Morgun's room was slightly larger so we switched rooms.  I did not change Malia's bedding and found matching bedding for Raina. Here is the end result.

 I found the wall decor at Graffiti Canda and love them even though the font is different in each one.
I bought this antique bed from my sister in law, who had purchased it at Martin's aunts auction many years ago (before Martin and I met).  We had this bed refinished for Malia and discovered later that it was originally used by Martin's grandparents.  Kind of cool!
 I insisted on having a rocking chair in the room (the first decent one I've ever had for my babies, but that's an entirely different story...;)  I wanted an overstuffed chair that rocked and reclined.  I had never seen one before and thought I was going to have to settle for something different.  Miraculously, I found the perfect chair at the first store I shopped! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Cuteness 2

You asked for it, and here she is...Malia!  She practiced a few times and sang Away In A Manger perfectly and clearly.  Then when I began recording she forgot the words.  This is her second try.
She still sings Christmas songs almost everyday.  They have become her favorite.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Cuteness

Raina has been exploring sounds's the latest.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

I'm super late in posting these pictures, but we had 4 appointments and a 5 1/2 hour meltdown yesterday.   So glad that it is a new day and I can focus on the good in my life!

Love is a miracle, sweet as can be,
That will always remain a complete mystery
For though it is something that's centuries old,
It can not be purchased for silver or gold.
But instead must be given of one's own free will,
And received with no promise one must fulfill.
And once it's exchanged in this time honored way,
There's nothing that love cannot manage to say,
No problems too great, no problems too small,
For love, like a miracle, conquers them all!
And leaves in their place such a feeling of peace,
That joy, just like love, cannot help but increase!

We decided to once again spend Valentine's Day at home.  We are simply not interested in standing in line for 2 hours or more just to get a meal where we feel like we're in an assembly line...been there, done that! :)  Instead we dressed up, set the table with my limited finest China and made a special meal.  The kids thought it was really cool and we all enjoyed ourselves and ate way too much food.

Our meal consisted of an appetizer, Garlic Cheese Shrimp (which we had to serve on our dinner platter...not enough fancy China),Strawberry Salad (also served on our dinner platter) Parmesan Chicken, Baked Potato, and Cupcakes for dessert!  Martin and I had wine and and the kids had sparkling juice.  Yummy and not that difficult or time consuming to make!

PS:  Guess what I'll be asking for next Christmas....more China!  (That is as in plates, etc....not more kids !  ;) lol!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Specialist Appointment

Raina had her first appointment with Dr. Dzuz, our orthopedic specialist, yesterday.  After 3 1/2 hours we were finally on our way home with the first of a series of casts on Raina's leg.  This cast will be changed every week for the next 6-8 weeks.  The night before our next appointment we will soak the cast in water and remove it in preparation for the next cast.  Slowly the club foot will be straightened.  After the casting is done, the doctor will do an assessment to see if surgery is required.  In approximately 80% of cases a minor  surgery is required, followed by wearing a brace at night. 
Raina was a real trooper, crying only when males were touching her.  It took less than 5 minutes for her to figure out how to crawl with the cast in place.  She had a fairly good night and is as cheerful as ever!  She is somewhat fascinated by the cast...rather cute to watch.

 It saddens me to know that all the cute jeans I bought will most likely be too small by the time Raina has finished the series of castings.  They looked so darn cute on her...wish I had taken more pictures!  We will have to settle for wearing sweat pants or stretching tights or leggings over the cast. 

Of course the kids all had to sign their names on the cast, even though it will be removed on Sunday.