Monday, July 27, 2009

July 26, 2009

Malia is settling in way better than we expected. Her tantrums are lasting longer, but that is a good sign. she is understanding many words by now including "no, come, bye-bye, go pee" and many more. Enough for us to get by. She has even begun to say "I love you" in chinese! It is among the few phrases we know. she is afraid of the water at the pool, but she likes taking a bath. However she does not like having her hair washed or teeth brushed.

Today was a very long day!!! And hot!! But not as hot as it was last week. We went to the Great wall, Jade factory, Cloisonne factory and the 2008 Olympic grounds. My favorite was the Great Wall. Malia does not like the carrier, but here it was not an option. She fought it most of the way up. Martin and the boys went down sooner than I did. As soon as they left she was fine. Of course it was after that, that she decided she needed to pee. There were no bathrooms, so she peed into a drainage pipe with people looking on. Too funny!! I really wanted to go all the way to the top, but ran out of time. We ended up going to the more difficult location because the other spot (where we had an easy or difficult option) was too busy. I'm not sure the pictures do it justice in letting you know how steep of a climb it was.

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