Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jiggs and Eva

Here's what I've been working on lately...and it has nothing to do with little monkeys.  :)  That is on my agenda for next week. 

My brother Jacob, or Jiggs as his family calls him ( I know he prefers Jake, but I've only ever known him as Jiggs and somehow it just doesn't seem right to change his name.  The name Jiggs just has so much more personality!), is my older all of 15 months.  He is the guy that at the age of 18 or so, let his little sister borrow his beloved truck several times a week.  I am still a little baffled that he actually did that!  Perhaps he knew how important it was to me to be able to have a job in the city.  Perhaps he knew he was my only hope of being able to earn some money.  Quite frankly, without his help, there is no way that I could ever have afforded to move away from home to attend college. 

Jiggs and his wife Eva have been married for almost 19 years.  Their dream has always been to have kids and farm.  The farming part has become a reality, thanks to their hard work.  They have a small farm and Jiggs does construction work on the side.  However, for almost 18 years, the dream of having children remained a dream.   Eventually they pursued adoption from the United States.  Twice they were presented with a proposal.  The first proposal fell through due to the biological parents deciding to keep the child.  The second proposal happened to be twins.  This proposal also fell through.  Unfortunately the birth mom was found to be trying to scam people of their money.   Jiggs and Eva were devastated!

 Last February, after waiting well over 10 years, they were finally able to adopt a 17 month old boy, Linden, through Saskatchewan's adoption system.  As you can imagine, they were thrilled!  Their dream has always been to have more children and so Jiggs and Eva are once again pursuing adoption through the USA,( although they have switched agencies).  This adoption is expected to cost at least $25, 000.

Jiggs and Eva are incredibly thrifty and can make a dollar stretch much further than most.  They have been able to save some money and are pursuing this adoption with the intent to make a loan.  It is the only way their dream will become a reality...unless we step in and help out. 


I have decided to have a fundraiser for them.  I will be selling these cute little skirts. 

CHEVRON SKIRT (pictured in size 5)
NOTE:  Only one size 5 available and one size 3 available.

One size 2 available


 One size 6 available

One size 3 and one size 6 available.

(note this is a size 5...a little shorter on Malia, however, it shows how the same skirt can be worn at various lengths.)

Skirts are made from 100% cotton, are pre-shrunk and are available in sizes 3-7.  All skirts have an elastic waist.   The skirts sell for $35.00 each with a $5.00 shipping and handling fee for orders within Canada.  A $8.00 shipping and handling fee applies for all orders within the USA. Payment can be made through Pay Pal (see side bar), or for those of you in my area, you can pay cash or cheque.   All funds raised will go directly towards Jiggs and Eva's adoption. 

If you would rather simply give money, cheques can be made out to One Less Orphan Fund and sent to me.  If you want my address, please let me know and I can email it to you. 

I would love to include a picture, but Jiggs and Eva do not feel comfortable having their picture posted for all to see.  I respect their wishes and am thrilled to be able share a little bit of their story. 

If you are unable to help out...would you be so kind as to pray for Jiggs and Eva as they await the arrival of their next little treasure?    I know they will be incredibly thrilled to know you are supporting them in this way. 



Kathy Hyde said...

Marie those skirts are AMAZING!!! I hope you do well in selling these.

Paige said...

I love them too! I would like two of the chevron skirts... one in size 4 and one in size 5.

Patrick and Christina said...

I love them all! I will let Sydney pick out a couple and email you with our order. can I help, can we post to facebook with the story (perhaps start a facebook page for the skirts). Let me know if I can help.


Marie said...

Christina, yes, you can gladly post to facebook to spread the word. Thanks so much for your help!