Friday, May 17, 2013

Updated Photos Of Jackson

Yesterday was another day of appointments and I didn't get to check my email until I was in the waiting room at the doctor's office.  I had not expected to find updated photos of Jackson.  What a wonderful surprise!
  We recently sent a gift package to Jackson for his birthday through Gifts To China With Love and they were able to forward these photos to us...with more pics to come with his birthday cake!
This little guy will fit right in!  He's already dragging around a stick... and there's a lot of that happening around here!  I can only imagine how many more precious rocks treasures I will find in his pant pockets.
Love that mischievous grin!
We're not sure about the spot on his forehead, but are guessing it may be from a scab due to bumping his head?

Notice the little habit he has of bending back his fingers.  In the first set of photos we received it appeared he might be missing part of a finger...not the case...just a quirky little habit. :)

We also received a brief update...
"Chen wen-long now height 83 cm, weight 12.5 kg, 14 cm feet long. Introverted personality, he doesn't like to eat apples, bananas, sweets, but he  is not picky for  other food. Favorite toy is a twisting car, he likes to see the wheels turning. Postoperative recovery is very good, now can say two words, such as: "mom, dad, aunt, etc. Pronunciation is clear.
Can't wait to meet this little guy...only(sarcasm intended!) about 9 more weeks!


Patrick and Christina said...

Oh he's soooooooo Adorable! So excited for you and Martin!

...that finger habit...I wonder if a main caregiver is missing a finger? Our Samuel always held one hand in a fist (even when drinking from a cup). His caregiver was born without fingers on one hand and Samuel was mimicking how he functioned for everyday activities.

Thinking about you lots this month. Many prayers for the prep in the weeks ahead.

Carla said...

He is absolutely so squishably adorable! Oh my goodness...the wait to kiss those cheeks must be torture!