Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life Around Here...

I had no intent of not blogging for so long.  But life has a way of throwing us it's fair share of unknowns.  We were expecting to have a relaxing Easter break, which didn't happen.  I had planned to do some painting.  The master bedroom and possibly the girl's room.  At the last moment I changed my mind and painted a few small items instead.  I'm so glad I did!
I had oral surgery on the 8th to remove 2 wisdom teeth which had been a major pain for the past 10 years.  The procedure itself went very smoothly and I was back on my feet the next day doing laundry and a few other household chores.  I had some pain and decided to take Oxycocet over and above the ibuprofen 600 that I was already on.  I began to feel dizzy and things went down hill from there.  Long story short...I became very sick, vomiting for most of the night, spent the next 4 days flat out in bed sleeping.  The following 6 days were a bit better...I was able to walk a bit and sleep a little less.  I am finally able to eat small portions, but I still have a headache most of the day.  I tire very easily and love, love to sleep!  My doctor thinks I probably reacted to my meds, which aggravated my ulcer (which I thought was healed!).  So hopefully, I will be 100% within the next week or so!
While I was sick, Malia had another appointment with the plastic surgeon.  The surgeon was impressed with how well the last graft had taken.  Martin came home quite optimistic that perhaps the last FAMM Flap surgery had been more successful than the surgeon had hoped and that perhaps the oral surgeon could proceed with the bone graft.  Malia had appointment with the oral surgeon yesterday and the news was not what we had hoped for!  :( 
As it turns out, the oral surgeon needs soft tissue in order to do the bone graft.  Although the last graft did take, it didn't take well enough.  There simple is not enough soft tissue.  Soooo....that means Malia will need another surgery.  This time she will have tongue flap surgery.  It's what the surgeon originally considered, but then decided to go with the FAMM Flap as it is not as uncomfortable/invasive. The tongue flap apparently has a greater success rate so the hope is that the tongue flap will work!
We have no idea as to when this surgery will happen.  We do know that if the last graft had taken, Malia would have had surgery in May for the bone graft.  Does that mean that she'll have surgery in May?  Or this summer?  We have no idea, although I have requested that they wait till fall for the next surgery.  Malia is DONE with surgeries for now!  She is completely overwhelmed and we all need a break!  We will be planning our summer holidays and if a surgery day is presented to us for this summer....I'm hoping I'll have the guts to say no!  At this point we all need a long, relaxing break!  I'm thinking 3 months in Jamaica may be just what we need?!?  Haha!  Who am I kidding!?!  We'll try to take a few days to go camping and hopefully we get some R&R!
As always....Malia does not know what is happening in regards to her surgeries.  She does know that she will need more surgeries, but we've told her to relax and enjoy this beautiful not mention surgeries when she is around.  We REALLY just want her to enjoy being a little girl, without worrying about her next surgery date.  Thanks!
As you can imagine, these past weeks have been more than a little stressful.  We appreciate your continued prayers! 
We are weak, but not defeated.
We are bruised, but not broken.
We may be weary,
but in His strength we will NOT be moved!
I'll be playing this song by Rend Collective on repeat for the next while!  Because we ARE CONQUERORS!!

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