Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What a Month!!

This post is fill in the word!...I'm tired and it shows!  lol!
This may go down in history as the busiest and craziest month ever!  We out-did ourselves with appointments this month.  We had 12 medical/dental appointments.  Plus 2 X-Rays and blood work...8 vials for Wren! Thank goodness they didn't fill each vial completely!
And then there was Christmas!  It was good!  But crazy!  Think of mixing sugar + late nights + appointments + adjusting + Christmas + a full moon....Ahhhhhh!!  Yup!  It was crazy!!!
Today was an unusually long day! I may have dozed off at the pharmacists, listening to Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night!   HA!!!
 We knew it would be a long day, but at the last minute some medical related opportunities opened up and we couldn't pass them up.  Two days ago we got a call to have an EEG done for Wren.  We already had 3 dentist appointments, but with the EEG being at 9:30 and the dentist appointments at 12:30...we knew we could make it work.  The plan was for me to take Wren to her appointment, be home by 11:30 and then take the 3 other kids to their appointment.
The EEG tech felt it would be best to get Wren to see the Neurologist on call (at the hospital).  I kinda freaked out for just a bit, as I figured it must mean some bad news?  It didn't...only things we already knew were discussed.    The Neurologist ordered an x-ray.  So we did that right away too.  And seeing as Wren's pediatrician had already ordered a different x-ray and some blood work (that had to be done at the hospital)...well, we did that right away too!
So we found a sitter for the youngest 2 kids and Martin took the other 3 to their appointment.
As for the results of todays appointments....braces will be necessary for yet another kid.  We honestly excel in this area!  Seriously!!  Who has 6 kids that ALL need braces?!?
...meds for Wren's seizures.
...and now we wait to get the results from the x-rays and bloodwork.
So all in all, it was a very productive day.  I'm exhausted, but so at peace and grateful. Throughout the day, little things happened that just made me smile cause I knew the big man upstairs was walking with us, giving us little gifts here and there!
Today I was grateful for...
* an earlier than expected EEG because the secretary told the EEG tech a bit of Wren's story and in his words..."I just couldn't say no!"
* the friendliest EEG tech ever!  Seriously, I loved him!  It may have had something to do with the look of shock on his face when he found out that I had a 16 year old, cause surely I wasn't old enough for that!  lol!  (Gotta love 20 something kids that don't know what 40 something looks like!)
*a highly recommended Neurologist with the best reviews!
*my SIL willingly looking after our youngest 2...and then sending supper home with them!!
*my Christmas gift...a Starbucks card!
*the nurse that went out of her way to find us some Emla to numb Wren's arm for the bloodwork.
*and....our handicap parking permit!!!
Now to get a good nights sleep...before the crazy of tomorrow starts!  Malia is having her tongue flap surgery tomorrow.  As you'll recall, she has already had 2 failed FAMM Flap surgeries to repair her fistula.  This surgery has about a 50 % success rate for Malia's case.  It's hard not to be discouraged and I am worried...something I'm usually not. 
Anyhow, if you happen to think of Malia, and the rest of us as we try not to worry, would you please pray...for a successful surgery with as little pain as possible, for Malia as she hates the anesthetic, for me as I help put her to sleep, for the surgeon and his team, and for Martin as he spends the day with the other kids, for Wren as there is a very good chance we will be in the hospital overnight and she has never had to go to bed without me around.
Thanks so much!  I honestly can't thank you all enough for all your prayers!  It really has been what has carried us through this last month...and the meals we've gotten!  We couldn't have done it without those two things! 

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