Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rhonda & Cam

My nephew Cam got married last weekend to of the gals on my soccer team.  (She has the hardest kick I have ever really don't want to get in the way of a ball she has kicked!) 

It is hard to believe that this "little" nephew of mine is all grown up.  It seems like a few short years ago that we were loving on him and toting him around in his body cast.  I felt so sorry for him at the time, but am so grateful that the issue with his hips has been resolved.

I pray that this marriage will always be Christ centered and filled with love!  Congrats Cam and Rhonda!

While at this wedding I realized something that is becoming more evident every year...that I am considered to be an "older parent".  Hard to believe isn't it?  I feel so young...the same age as all the moms in Malia's Kindergarten class...(not!)  I realized that Rhonda's mom is a whopping 5 years older than me and Rhonda is the youngest and last of 3 daughters to get married.  I know her mom was very young when she had her girls, but non the less it is an odd feeling.  I can not imagine my oldest getting married in 5 years...and definitely not my youngest!  I'm guessing it won't be long before people will begin to think I am my children's!!...I sure hope not!  It amazes me that God knew exactly what He was doing when He planned our family and that He continues to give us the energy to keep up with our kids...I quite enjoy being an "older parent" ;)


Paige said...

I often think this too.... Feeling young on the inside but forgetting I don't look so young on the outside. I figure our little ones keep us young in a way, and yet... We just have so much more wisdom, right?!

Kathy said...

Thanks for posting pics of the wedding otherwise I may never see any. Not like we're family or anything;) know how it is.

I agree with the feeling young and then looking in the mirror and realizing that I'm not in my 20's and that friends my age have adult kids...YIKES!

Denise said...

I can't believe it has taken me this long to look up your blog when you have so kindly commented on mine for so long! But here I am, and thankful for it :) I know what you mean about being an "older parent". At church I often don't feel like I fit in with other families who have children A's age. Although, so many people are starting late I'm often surprised to find out I'm not as far off the mark as many of the moms there. I always said I wouldn't have children after 30... and here I am pushing 40 and still bringing 'em home :)