Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Years With Raina

Two years ago today we met our precious Raina Liuji Marie.  It was an incredibly emotional day.  I will forever treasure that day in my heart.
Raina has grown from a quiet, unsure little girl to a confident, happy girl that loves to laugh and tease.  For about the first 6 months, upon awakening, she would lie in her crib, look at me as though trying to figure out who I was.  She always came to me, but upon wakening it seemed she needed to think a bit before deciding it was in fact safe to let that odd looking woman hold her.  It took about a year for her to totally warm up to Martin.  Martin was incredibly patient, but it paid off.   Now she LOVES her Daddy!  When I discipline her or she's sad she says, "I want my Daddy!  He hug me!"
Raina still tends to be reserved around strangers or people she hasn't seen in awhile.  However, this is slowly changing as well.  Now we're teaching her to not talk to strangers!
Raina is incredibly independent for her age.  If she wants something, she finds a way to get it...even if it means climbing from one chair to stool to counter, or dresser to bed.  She loves food and still tends to not have a "fill" button.  She is constantly in my pantry begging for food 5 mins after she's eaten.
Raina has a huge, gentle heart and loves to pray.  For the past 6 months (at least) she has prayed "Dear God, Peas help my birvday day be good, and help Gamma and Gampa have good sleep!"  Now that she finally had her birthday she prays, "Dear God, Peas help my brudder come home soon!"  When asked what she wanted for Christmas she replied "I want my brudder.  Open him up!"  :)
Raina is indeed the baby of the family...and she knows it!  Alex and Morgun tend to dot on her and spoil her...although they all say I'm the one that spoils her!  lol!  I'm sure I do!  Being an older parent certainly has it's benefits. I have much more patience and don't get stressed about the little things...and if that translates into spoiling...oh be it! 
Malia and Raina love to play together and they are beginning to communicate at a deeper level.  Raina is no longer the little sister that can be bossed around.  She has her own opinion and is sure to let Malia know that!  She loves to play with her dolls, pretend to be a waitress or doctor, and loves to "read" or be read to.  She loves to walk around with "her" Bible (it's actually Malia's).  She is convinced that one of her Christmas gifts is a Bible simply because it has that shape.  Her favorite show is DORA.  Almost everyday she will beg ask if she can watch her precious DORA.  She even talks in Dora's sing songy voice, and repeats things three times!  :)  She likes VEGGIE TALES as well, but she tends to think that some of them are scary.
We are so very blessed to have Raina join our family!  There's not a dull moment with her around!


Kathy said...

Love this little girl...give her a big hug from us.

she changes and grows every time I see a new pic of her...she is looking so very grown up.

Paige said...

Two years already! That has gone so fast and she has grown so much!

Chantel Klassen said...

She is so precious! And I love her prayers about her brother. "Open him up!" Haha, love it!