Friday, April 18, 2014

Thank You!!

Today I can't help but be incredibly grateful!  It's Good Friday and it's snowing and the wind is howling here in SK.  It kind of reminds me of how miserable a day it was over 2000 years ago when Jesus was nailed to the cross.  It seemed there was no hope.  But the story wasn't finished.  Jesus arose from the grave so that we could be redeemed!  How awesome is that!?!?! That is one of the reasons I am grateful.
The second reason is the hope in my personal, day to day life.  I know that many, many people read my post "The Ugly Truth And The Long Winter".  I know that many of you have been praying for us and for that I can not thank you enough!  Thank you!  Thank you! 
It's not as though all my stresses have disappeared.  They haven't.  But somehow there is hope.  Instead of feeling like I'm drowning, I'm treading water...and the water only reaches my lower lip.  It's still not easy.  I'm still not where I would like to be.  I'd like to be on the beach, soaking up some sun and relaxing.  Somehow with your prayers and the support of some amazing people, life seems hopeful.   Please continue to pray.
The third reason...Last weekend we attended a workshop presented by Forever Families of Canada.  You can check them out on Facebook.  (I tried to post the link, but it didn't work :( )  It was an incredible encouragement.  Slowly but surely the word is being spread that we are all called to care for the destitute...that there is so much we can do.  It was so encouraging to see parents come out to support their daughters in the process of adoption, to see friends come out to support their friends in foster care.  I can't explain what that did for us.  It was amazing!  That's really what it's all about...supporting each other! 
The fourth reason....The past few months I've really been focusing on being nice to myself.  I am my own worst critic and I tend to only take time for myself when everything else has been looked after.  It dawned on me recently that in the past few years I have slowly quit doing all the things I love...reading, crafting, scrap booking, quilting, playing soccer, and working out.  I still do a few of these things a few times a year.  But I realized I need to do more.  I need to take care of myself so that I have more to give.  So I have been doing a few things just for me.  I splurged on some David's Tea...Love Tea #5 is the best!  I bought some beautiful tulips.  I bought a book titled wish you happy forever by Jenny Bowen.  It's a book that resonates with me.  Jenny Bowen is the founder of Half The Sky.  Her organization is and has changed the face of orphanages in China.  She is an inspiration! 
I even took an online photography class...thanks Chantel!  You can check out her blog at .  I'm still trying to figure things out, trying to get out of my auto mode.  It's a challenge, but I'm slowly learning.  Here are a few of the pictures I took.  The first one is way over exposed, but something about it appeals to me.  It kind of reminds of how bright and amazing the tomb must have looked as Jesus exited it....and that is the main reason I can be grateful!!!  Thank you Jesus!
The other 2 photos are a bit better, still not perfect, but I'm slowly seeing some positive results.


Sherri Davidson said...

I thought the first pic was actually a painting. I love them all!!
I'm so happy you are doing some things for yourself again.
I am going to see if I can find that book it looks very appealing.

Kathy said...

glad to hear you are doing things for yourself...after reading that it just hit me that I too used to do those things and don't any longer, its been a LONG time since I've just sat down and read a book, scrapbooked, did crafts for fun...I have done some running but always with the kids because I don't feel comfortable letting them run on their own, and there is just something relaxing and rejuvenating about running on my own (probably because that is the only time I get to myself, unless I lock the bathroom door to go to the bathroom ;)

Chantel Klassen said...

Love this Marie! And those photos look great!

Marie said...

Sherri, Costco has the book for a reasonable price.
Thanks Chantel...I still have a long way to go!