Saturday, January 10, 2015

Malia's 9th Birthday!

So I have to apologize to those of you who originally saw this post as a bunch of pictures.  For some odd reason Blogger had trouble saving my post, but then published it!  lol!
Malia recently celebrated her 9th Birthday!  It seems as though it was just a few short years ago that we met this insecure, terrified, but cheerful little 3 1/2 year old girl.
Malia never sucks her fingers and never did...except in the first week we met her! The look in her troubled face haunts me, but it also encourages me because we see how far she has come!

Malia discovered Saskatoon Berries shortly after coming home and still enjoys them!

 Malia's birthday falls between Christmas and New Year's and as always it's hard to plan for her birthday.  She always gets gifts...just like the other kids.  I really don't want her to feel that her birthday is less important just because it's during a very busy season. 
Malia got breakfast in bed (which she ended up eating at the kitchen table cause who wants to miss out on all that's happening?!?)  I baked a very simple cake of her choice and used one of the cool candles I bought in China. (Which caused my fragile cake to split open on one side! )

We happened to go to Montana's on Malia's birthday and much to her despair, she got to wear the big horns!  
Malia loves to use her imagination and play dress up.  She often tells her younger siblings what to say and do so that her imaginary playing turns out as she has planned.  Malia loves coloring, singing (often coming up with her own songs), and her favorite subject is Math.  Malia is one of the fastest little workers I have ever met.  If toys need to be cleaned up...she's the one we ask to help.  She loves having things in order and does an awesome job dusting and wiping walls...if she wants to! :) 
Malia is kind and diplomatic.  She loves to laugh and is often the first one to catch a dry joke!  She especially loves her Daddy...partly because he's not around as much to discipline and correct, and partly cause she's wiggled her way into his heart.  She loves to cuddle with her Daddy!
Malia will be having a few more surgeries in the near future.  She can hardly wait to have that nasty hole fixed so she doesn't get food stuck and so that she doesn't swallow all the nasty snotty junk!
Malia's favorite foods are kielke (now that's a good Mennonite girl!  lol!), pizza and Hot Pot (or any Chinese food!)
Malia weighs 58 lbs and is 4 ft 2 inches tall.  She's quite petite for her age and it's becoming an issue for her as her little sister catches up. 
I am incredibly grateful that we have the honor of being Malia's parents and that we get to watch her grow into a sweet young woman!

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