Monday, February 2, 2015


I've been meaning to post some of the crafts we did in January and as usual, I never got around to it.  So today it's craft overload day!  So if you're looking for some ideas, here are a few.  I found most of these on Pinterest or FB.
One of the things I love the most about homeschooling is being able to do more crafts with my kids.  Quite honestly, it is one of the areas that we tend to not get around to.  This winter I vowed we would do more!  And we did!
We made these sweet little snowmen using socks, rice, buttons and leftover fabric.  You can find the tutorial here:

We also made these nifty letters using paint I had on hand and buttons.  It was super easy and fun for all 4 of my "school" kids!

(Argg!  My steps look really me, they're not!  Stupid flash!  lol!)
 This next craft was a little more work for me as I had to do some prep work.  I used some of my old folk art paint and a canvas I had bought ages ago at a super deal.
You can find the tutorial here:
I modified how I did the background because I didn't have any spray paint on hand.  Instead, I made my paint very watery and brushed on only a light coat, being sure to blend the colors.  Then I drew on the outline for the tree and painted it.

Once it was dry the kids did their part...buttons!

I love the finished project so much that it now hangs in our entrance!  The colors are actually more vibrant than the picture shows!

We went to the local thrift store one day and bought this sweater and some buttons.

I used some old stain I had on hand to darken the wooden buttons...

...and within a very short time I had made a pillow!  It's not quite as nice as I had pictured, but still worth the time and effort!
 One of the most challenging things about doing crafts is finding something that a 3 year old can do and that a 13 year old will enjoy.  Well, sometimes that's simply not possible!  This marshmallow project was super easy to prep and super fun for my littlest 3!

We won't mention how many marshmallows vanished into each child's great void of a stomach...some complete with white glue! 

This next project is one of my favourites! We started it last May and finally finished it!
We started with watery paint, blending it as we painted.
Then each child picked a silhouette.  For the easier silhouettes we used a sticky tac paper and traced the outlines onto the sticky paper.  Then we cut it out, pasted it on the canvas and painted the black.

Then the bottom was painted.

All the paints I used were basic water based paints bought at the dollar store or at IKEA.

The print I did for Jackson and myself were too complicated to use the sticky tac, so I traced it onto the canvas and simply hand painted it.  All my kids were impressed with the outcome of their project!!

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