Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

It's been way too long since I last posted, but as is our "normal", life happened and things got really busy.  We had ten days of kids with high fevers.  It was the first time in all my 16 years of parenting that a fever actually really made me panic!  Raina had a fever of 103, and even after having Tylenol, it continued to rise.  We added Ibuprofen and a cool sponge bath and finally managed to bring it under control.
I've been meaning to post an update on Wren, but that will have to wait for now. It's a post that will take a lot more time and thought. So, first I will share a bit about our Easter.
We had a tea party using Wren's tea set from China.  The kids dressed up in their finest silks and the girls insisted on having their hair up in a bun! 

We made devilled eggs that had been soaked in colored water for a few minutes.  They honestly tasted a lot better than the usual devilled eggs!  ;)  And we sipped on Pink Lady tea!
The kids had a blast and are begging for another tea party!

We did some crafts as well.  I found some super cool plastic eggs at Walm*rt that were perfect for painting...lets just say no eating boiled eggs for days and no fragile hollow eggs!
(don't you love my craft table cloth?!?  lol!  It's an old plastic Christmas table cloth that works perfectly for those paint and water spills!  Once it's too dirty to clean, or too ripped, it will go into the garbage!  And I'll buy another cheap dollar store table cloth!)

I even managed to convince the men to join us!  We had so much fun!!

I had to take a close up of Wren's little egg chick!  Isn't it the sweetest chick ever!?!?  This girl has some serious artistic talent!!
The kids had their usual Easter Basket their pjs cause they received their Easter outfits in their baskets..well the youngest four did!  Haha!  
The youngest kids got the Berenstain Bear "Living Lights" books (except for Malia cause she's loving her chapter books!)  I LOVE them!  The stories all tie into scripture verses and teach a lesson or morale!  That makes this mama happy!

This was Wren's first Easter at home and she didn't hesitate to get in the thick of the Easter Egg hunt!

My three precious girls!  I LOVE saying that!!  I never dreamt I'd have three beautiful girls!  And saying it over and over simply doesn't get old!!
They were tickled to have the same dresses!  They did have matching tattoos as well, but Wren worked hard to wash hers off...not sure why.
I had hoped to get a picture of the boys, but they were "busy"!  Ha! time!!
We also did these cool and simple paintings.

And we made these string eggs....well, I basically made them!  They were way too difficult for the little kids!

And at the end of the weekend, we couldn't help but look at all we have been given, and with grateful hearts we treasured all of this...our kids, our time together...and the wonderful gift of Christ's resurrection and gift of eternal salvation! 

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benilhalk said...

Pleased to know about the Easter celebrations. I am planning to have a Christmas party this year at a blissful LA venue. Planning to celebrate it with my friends and family. Will surely go for homemade cakes and cookies to impress everyone.