Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Old Friends

An old friend (actually she's not THAT old ;), came for a visit last week.  Dolores and I first met when she was in grade 2 and I was in grade 3.  Up until grade 9 we were usually in the same classroom even though we were in different grades.  We spent many hours playing baseball, working on school projects and visiting each others homes.  We even attended the same church.
After grade 9, we attended different High Schools and drifted apart.  We have only seen each other a hand full of times in the past 20+ years.  It was great to have a good chat and reconnect.  I think both of us felt we had lost connection with most of our childhood friends.  Very few of our childhood friends can relate to our life experiences and would simply frown if they knew how real Jesus is to us.  I think they may even freak out if they knew he actually talks to us other than through scripture.
I had a great time listening to Dolores talk about how God is the center of her life.  It was encouraging and inspiring!  Thank you Dolores!


Paige said...

There is nothing like old friends. I have two since childhood and they are my best friends of all after all these years!

Kathy said...

that is cool. was she out visiting family?? i haven't seen those girls in ages.