Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time For Fall Cleaning???

I think it is time for some major fall cleaning and organizing.  Raina loves my bottom drawer in the kitchen and often tries to play with all the stuff in it.  Although I don't allow her to play with my grocery items, I was not too concerned about her making a big mess...I thought there was nothing in the drawer to cause concern.  Wrong!  Raina managed to find one, yes, only one small bottle of food coloring (all the other colors are tucked away safely), and made a HUGE mess!  Blue coloring on her hands, feet, floor, inside the cupboard, outside of the cupboard...everywhere!  Now THAT is a huge motivator to reorganize and clean!


Kathy said...

OH NOOOOO! so now I want to see what the cupboard looks like. Were you able to get it off or did it stain??
Guess at least you know that when she grows up she'll be good at being a helper;)
Fall cleaning is not happening here this year. you go!

Paige said...

That would be awful to clean up! She will be blue for days!

Fall cleaning??? What is that?!

Marie said...

I think the expression "fall cleaning" is a very bad word! BUT...when I see all the cobwebs and fly poop and the disaster in certain rooms, I KNOW it is time to get my butt in high gear!