Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twenty Years!!!

Today we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary!  Unbelievable!!  Time sure does fly!  I still vividly remember that day.  It was a beautiful, foggy fall morning with frost on the trees.  By 11am the sun was shining and the air was warm. 
We were young and deeply in love and could hardly wait to begin our new life together!  Little did we know how different life would be 20 years later.  Everything has changed...for the better!  We love each other more now (I knew that would happen :), and our level of trust has grown in leaps and bounds.  I can honestly say we are each others best friend!
Looking back, I see who we were and compare it to who we are now.  Our faith is no longer a teeny, tiny little box of does and don'ts.  Rather it is a very personal friendship with God himself!  We have done things that our families have/do frown upon...and we're having a blast!  What amazes me the most is that we have both grown in the same areas.  I can only imagine what our relationship would be like if one of us had refused to simply would not work!
I sometimes wish I had it to do all over again...meaning the wedding itself.  The hair would have to go!  The youthful skin could stay! But most of all, I would serve alcohol and have a dance...just so all the old prunes wouldn't show up!  LOL!  Seriously though, I would do a few things differently, but overall it really doesn't matter.  I was going through some stuff and was stunned at how little our wedding cost.  Our parents paid for the meal, and part of the hall rental.  The rest was our responsibility.  Being young, we didn't have a lot.  I had a student loan, car loan...and that's about all!  I didn't even have a decent winter jacket or boots! 
I sewed my dress and my bridesmaid's dress.  I reused my hair piece from my high school graduation and Martin purchased an inexpensive suit.  Not including the meal (which Mom and other family members prepared) our total cost was about $1600.00! 
I am so very thankful for the wonderful marriage we have!  I couldn't be more blessed!  Then again, if our love continues to grow...which I know it will (love has a way of multiplying)...I will be even more blessed!  Can't wait to see what the next 20 years will bring!
Us on our wedding day!!!!

Celebrating our second honeymoon in Quebec City!!  :)


Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary!!
So happy for you guys being able to celebrate your 20th.
Would love to see some more pics.

Paige said...

Happy 20th anniversary! I can totally relate to this post... how we have changed in 20 years! How I wish I knew then, what I know now!

Life just gets better and better.

And... I would have a dance too, if I could do it over again!

Patrick and Christina said...

Happy 20th Anniversary! Love that it just gets better with time!