Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alex's 12th Birthday!

Alex celebrated his 12th birthday this past Friday.  Where does the time go???  It feels like a few short months ago that we brought this adorable boy home!  Sometimes I want time to slow down and other times I wish it would go faster! 
The past 5 years have been difficult years for Alex (and Martin & I).   After losing Grandpa and Grandma, Alex's faith took a real hit and he often doubted God's promises and even his existence.  However, we are finally beginning to see a change in Alex...he is once again learning to trust God and it is beginning to shine through!  I pray that this year will be an amazing year for Alex...a year where he will continue to see God's faithfulness, goodness, and love. 
I pray that Alex will have a growth spurt.  I know it may be a weird thing to pray, but it is important to him...he even asked for an extra candle on his cake saying "and one to grow!"  I know he was kidding, but also somewhat serious.  He is among the smallest kids in his class.  Perhaps if he was more athletic and "macho" his size would not be such an issue.  At this point it only adds to the things kids bug him about.  :(
I know this will be a year where our little Alex will become a young man.  We are beginning to see it in his maturity...especially in the little things.  He is becoming more responsible and is gaining control of his emotions.  He even asked for a mocha black forest cake for his birthday!  Yah for me!  No labor intensive decorating this year! 

In spite of being a challenge on a regular basis, Alex is truly the most loving kid ever!  I think Satan must tremble and shake at the thought of what Alex will do in his life!  I know it will be profound!


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! so happy to hear that he is learning to trust in God again.
I think its so exciting to see what God is going to do with our kids and how He is going to use them for His kingdom.

I hear you about the growth spurt thing...Owen is even smaller than Alex. thankfully it doesn't seem to bother to terribly as of yet, probably because his head is in the clouds most of the time :) guess it can have its perks.
lucky you about the cake...might have to mention Alex's cake to Owen. see if I can get out of having to make some major cake.

Paige said...

Happy birthday Alex.

It is a hard age for boys to be at. But he sounds strong and that will make him grow into an even better man.

Have a great day!