Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Battle Cry

I have been thinking about writing this post for a very long time.  Even as I write I'm not certain it is the best thing to do.  It is very personal and yet I'm guessing I'm not alone in this story.  My life in the past 6 months has been difficult to say the least.  I have been stretched and stressed in ways that I have never experienced before.  A few weeks ago I almost lost it...literally!  I could not stop crying and there were times I literally felt I would collapse and had to work with every fibre of my being not to.

I believe with all my heart that we need to do more for orphans, and quite frankly would willingly adopt again.  Martin on the other hand says we are done!  Forever!  If ever I have respected anyone, it is Martin and because of that I respect his opinion and belief.  However, it has me questioning many particular this relationship that I have with God.  Don't get me wrong.  I love God!  I worship Him alone and feel Him with me constantly!  But...I wonder if how I understand Him is correct.  I seriously thought He was calling us to adopt again.  Am I wrong?  I'm not convinced...

I have not lost my passion for orphans and know I must do something with how I feel and based on scripture( Hebrews  11:1, James 1:22, Matthew 6:20 & 21, Luke 12:48, Ephesians 3: 20 &21) I will continue to advocate for all those in need...especially those without a mommy and a daddy!  I do believe this is what God wants for me at the moment, however, I never would have guessed it would be this difficult!

The attack of the evil one has been relentless!  The more I do, the more he tries to destroy me...emotionally and physically.  It seems he likes to use those closest to us.  Family and sometimes even friends...good people.  We do have people who support us and are behind us 100% and I thank God for that!  Unfortunately, most of these people live far away.  Perhaps that is why I am sharing this.  I know those of you who read my blog, (and those that do and never leave a comment :) are also passionate about orphans and perhaps you understand what I am talking about.   Would you mind praying specifically for this?  I sure would appreciate it.  Here are some of the things I have been involved in the past months...the reason I believe the evil one is attacking.

About a month ago I approached our pastor about participating in Orphan Sunday.  He was very willing to do so, and had a wonderful presentation.  I shared part of our story, which I shared  a while back.  I know God touched peoples hearts that day, and they will be forever changed!  Thank you Lord!!

We attended a fundraising event last night for God's Littlest Angels in Haiti.  I had the privilege of inviting 21 people to come listen to Dixie Bickel, the founder of GLA.  I know that made Satan angry...21 more people becoming aware of the needs of orphans.  Potentially 21 more people stepping up and taking a stand!

We are also in the process of planning a trip to Haiti, in January,  to work at GLA.  I am the coordinator for this trip and am tickled that 8 other people will be joining Martin and I.  We are planning a soup & pie supper next week to raise funds to purchase much needed supplies for GLA.  Again, more people will be made aware of the dire needs of orphans.

Next week our local adoption support group (once again I am the coordinator) will be meeting with a local speaker to discuss some of the challenges related to adoption.  The gal coming to speak is Christian and has 7 adopted children...I can hardly wait!  It should be an awesome evening!  An evening of new ideas and renewed energy!

I have come to the conclusion that Satan hates it when we as believers unite to fight for a worthy cause and he will do all he can to defeat us.  That is why I ask that you join me in praying for all of us involved, in what ever shape or form, in transforming the lives of orphans.  Thank you!  God Bless!


Paige said...

I just had this spiritual warfare conversation with another friend who is in the process of adopting -- and it is taking forever -- I do believe Satan will try to stop adoption anytime he can, or try to break people in the process. I will pray that God will give you strength and protection as you do all that you are doing.

There are so many people who struggle with the spouse when wanting to adopt again -- and the other doesn't want to -- it is hard to know what to say... maybe Haiti will once again open Martins eyes to the desperate needs of orphans... I will pray for him too.

Kathy said...

we'll pray for you guys. I totally understand the whole thing of being hard and yet the best thing ever.
I wish you guys were closer so that you could go to the amazing training sessions that we have at our fingertips. you would love all the info...its a huge help how to do this whole thing. I mean obviously besides running to God and asking Him for guidance and direction as you are doing. its the more practical side i guess.

I'm so proud of you for standing up and initiating a group for those who foster/adopt...a great support group is essential. hope you get others involved and willing to help carry the load with you.

If you ever need a break you know where we are;) our kids can take a school break anytime.