Thursday, August 2, 2012

Howling Wolf Resort-Part II

I simply HAD to post this picture! Have you ever seen anyone watch TV like that!  Owen does!  Love it!

The kids loved the lake at Howling Wolf Resort and spent many hours playing in the water.  We made our kids wear life jackets even though they are all great swimmers simply because the water was a little cold and very deep.  It had a huge drop off near the shore and seeing as I'm not a very good swimmer I had no intention of jumping in to rescue someone. lol

Morgun is a natural when it comes to jumps and even dared to twist while jumping.  His expression says it all!


Alex on the other hand is a little more reserved, but did jump several times.  I have to chuckle at this looks like Alex is thinking..."Oh crap!  What did I get myself into???"  :)

Raina and Malia spent their time collecting snail shells.

The guys also went fishing.  This is Martin and Alex's catch...just enough for everyone to have a taste of some yummy fried fish.

One day we headed to Lake Superior...beautiful!

There are many pics that I could not post.  Kathy and Mark are in the process of adopting Baby Bee through the foster to adopt program in the USA (wish we could do that in Canada!), and I can not post pics of her face until she is legally theirs, which should be sometime this fall.  If you think of it, would you mind praying that their process will proceed quickly and without any cliches?  Thanks!

As you can see, she is the cutest baby ever!  We all fell in love with her instantly and can't wait to see her again!


Paige said...

Where is this resort? It looks awesome!

Kathy said...

we so have to do this again. :) so fun and worth the long drive.

We just had our VEMAT meeting today, so one step closer...we can't wait!

Kathy said...

Paige, the resort is in Wisconin, a couple hours north of Eau Claire, WI

Patrick and Christina said...

Looks like you had an awesome family vacation! What a neat resort!

...lots prayers from us going to your sister Kathy family around the adoption of Baby exciting!