Thursday, January 3, 2013

More of Christmas 2012

The guys left to go ice fishing and the girls are playing quietly, hiding in the fort they made, hoping I will forget that it is nap time/quiet time.  I've decided to humor them for the moment and take the precious moments of quiet to blog.  :)
Yes, we are still in the holiday mode and decided to buck the system and keep our kids home from school for a few extra days of "staycation!"  (If you've ever watched Corner Gas...a must watch if you can tolerate some crude will know that Brent Butt takes a yearly staycation.  You really must have an understanding of good ole Saskatchewan humor to "get" the humor.  :)
Anyhow, with most of us being ill over Christmas, it feels we got cheated out of all the relaxing, sitting around coloring, playing games, eating, napping, watching movies, etc.  We were so not ready to begin the hustle and bustle of daily we are taking a few extra days to enjoy each other.  I'm sure we won't regret it!  :)   Yup!  I'm smiling a lot!  :)
On the 29th...our "Christmas Eve" at home,  we opened the gifts from my sister's family, Kathy & Mark, Owen, Kiannah, and Willow.  Thank you for your wonderfully thoughtful gifts!
Malia and Raina waiting patiently to open their gifts...

Martin LOVED his gift...perfect for my redneck hubby!  A Duck Dynasty movie!
Kathy...  I love the CD!  :)

After the girls were tucked into bed the boys quickly finished the finishing stitches on the last 2 place mats and I finished the last few hand stitches for the girls' blankets.
I've always been very organized and prepared, but it seems in the last few years...the faster I run, the more behind I get!  lol!  If I were the type of gal to make New Year's Resolutions I would resolve to somehow figure out a new system of being organized!  Any suggestions are welcome...


Sunday morning arrived with the usual "Christmas" morning excitement.  The boys trying to figure out what's inside their gift...a Wii hunting game.

Remember how I mentioned we had captured some pretty cool expressions as our kids opened their gifts?  This is my favorite!!  You could literally see what was going through Morgun's mind!  He got a rubber band pistol and he laughed gleefully at that thought of shooting his siblings with it!  Lil stinker!! lol!

Morgun was tickled to get a composite stick.  I took him shopping before Christmas and every place we shopped he looked for a stick, a left handed stick to be exact, determined to buy one with his hard earned money.  Every place was sold out!  He was pretty disappointed at that time, but it all turned out perfectly, as his siblings had already bought this stick for him.
Raina waiting her turn.

The girls both loved their doll bunk beds made by Daddy and painted by Mommy.  We also made little mattresses, pillows, sheets, pillow cases and blankets.  

We had so much fun making these gifts and the best part...each bunk bed, with blankets, etc cost only $15!!  We certainly see this as a God thing.  One day while picking up supplies for work, Martin found some new boards in the dumpster and snagged them.  They were perfect for this project.  Raina really needed a new crib mattress as hers was literally falling apart.  Before throwing it out, I managed to cut enough foam for 4 little mattresses.  How cool is that!?!  I love how God provides!


Denise said...

I think it's wonderful that you decided to do a staycation! You will all go back into your normal routines next week feeling relaxed and energized as opposed to tired and rushed. Good call mom and dad ;) The bunk beds are super cute!

kathy said...

Yay!!! so glad we found that dvd for martin...we knew he would love it :) glad you like the cd.
Love the bunkbeds...I'm thinking we'll be needing to do that for willow in a couple of years.
right now she loves to push her baby around in the stroller.
glad that you guys took a staycation, you won't regret it. also happy that you got to have your Christmas...even if not on the 25th that is great.