Thursday, January 10, 2013


This week I have been cleaning.  Deep cleaning. As in move every piece of furniture and wash down every wall and object.  This morning I'm in a frenzy, working frantically, trying to get as much done as possible...(I think that my caffeine fix may have had an impact! :) 
I've been searching Kijiji, looking for 2 sets of  gently used bunk beds, a desk, etc. 
I'm wanting to quilt.  To make that cute little blanket for our little one. 
I'm in the mood to do some sorting, organizing, planning.
It's crazy!   
I've been trying to not call FOI...trying to not be too impatient...trying not to be a pain in the butt!    Even Martin is beginning to get impatient...and he's the patient one!  This morning I called FOI...anxious for an update.  I must admit I was disappointed.  We have a LID of November 5, 2012 and according to Jane, things have been slow since September.  That means our wait time will be longer...means we will likely be travelling in the middle of Martin's busiest work season.  Not what we had planned/hoped for.
With Raina's adoption we had a proposal within a month of having a LID.  We're at over 2 months now.  Last time the entire process, from first home study visit to landing on Canadian soil with Raina in our arms, was less than 9 months.  We knew that was incredibly in almost unheard of fast.  We're sitting at 7 1/2 months now.
I'm OVERDUE folks!  Yes I am!!  I'm feeling like I'm 10 months pregnant...ready to burst! 
But, all I can do is take a deep, deep breath, pray, give all over to God once again...
And go do some more cleaning!!!
PS:  I simply have to share this...In the past few months Raina has been praying that her "little bruder" would come home soon.  Sometimes she calls him by name!  lol!  Last night she prayed the same prayer again...and added TWO names!  One was a boys name and the other a girls name!  lol!  Now wouldn't that be amazing???


Kathy said...

I'm doing the same thing...rearranging, organizing, etc. we just never know when that next phone call is going to happen and I would like to be ready this time...that is if a person is ever really ready.

Didn't you know that you were pregnant with twins?? ;)
I've been wondering about your proposal...thinking it was taking a while. we'll continue to pray that you get one soon.
Let us know as soon as you get one please. thanks

Paige said...

It is so hard to wait and wonder who they are and when it will happen. But you have done this twice before and know that it will and then the chaos of the whole adjustment will happen again! Enjoy the preparation.

Patrick and Christina said...

Just catching up on the blog roll.

Hoping that you get that referral soon. We will be praying for you! ...and I totally get those "nesting" urges! I joyfully suffered through those too before our little one arrived. :)