Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Tough Day

Today was a very long, tough day.  We headed out at 8:30 and arrived back at our hotel around 4:30pm.  Our first stop was the Jade Factory which has many incredible figurines and jewelry. 

Our next stop was The Great Wall of China.  It was extremely hot and humid, but the sky was quite clear for Beijing.  We travelled to the same area as we did in 2009.  However, this time I took the "easier" side.  I'm not sure if it was actually easier or if it just had more level areas and shade where we could rest and enjoy the breeze.  Jackson was fussy so I didn't go far.  I sat in the shade and held him as he slept and enjoyed the view.



Our next stop was the Cloisonné Factory.  We ate lunch here and also had some time to shop.  I enjoyed shopping for our traditional "trip to China" Christmas ornaments for each of the kids.  I even found some cute little gifts for Malia and Raina.

Our final "stop" was the 2008 Olympic Grounds.  Everyone in our group opted out of stopping so we drove past the grounds slowly. 
On our way to the Olympic Grounds Jackson had a major meltdown.  He wanted to stand in the aisle without me holding onto him.  Of coarse I couldn't and wouldn't allow him to do that.  He became frustrated and then very angry...kicking, screaming, making himself very stiff, hitting things, and eventually intentionally scratching his face (as you can see in the pic below)...for over 1/2 an hour.  I tried to distract him in every way possible, but he would have none of it.  I let him cry and eventually he fell asleep.  Needless to say I am exhausted!!  I miss my hubby and kids and would love to have a good cry...I'm just scared that I'll never stop it I start.  I have been doing very well, but today I am more than ready to go home...even though I dread the 11 1/2 hour flight to Vancouver with an 8 3/4 hr layover and then the 2 hour flight home.  Would you pray that these last few days would go by quickly, and that the flight home will be good...that Jackson and I both sleep well, that Jackson will remain calm, and that I don't go squirrelly!  Thanks!
I am trying so very hard to focus on the positive.  To enjoy each moment.  To keep busy so I don't lose my mind.  So here goes...the things I am thankful for...
*Jackson's overall calm spirit
*friends in this travel group that call to ask if I want to join them for supper
*being able to Skype regularly with Martin and the kids
*for a quiet room
*for a room where everything works...including the AC
*for all the folks praying for Jackson and I, and for Martin and the kids at home
*delicious Chinese food within walking distance
*that I only have 4 more sleeps till it's time to head home!!


Patrick and Christina said...

That is the hardest day for the kids. It is so long. You are an amazing mother...I have seen you in action and if you are breaking down it is real. Not a weakness. Hoping that you have much better days. Those two year olds are tough cookies under any circumstance let alone what you have been going through with this transition. Love and Prayers to you all the way home!

Sarah Sutherland said...

I remember a similar bus incident with Malia! You were amazing and taught Graham and I a ton about parenting!!! Hang in there!! We know you can! :)

Carla said...

So sweet. I don't know how I missed out on your blog while you were updated. Dumb me forgot to look and was just watching for updates on FB. What a treat to do some back reading though...and see all the great familiar looking pics. Makes me miss China :)