Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alex's 14th Birthday!

Alex turned 14 last week.  I can hardly believe he is that old already!  Some days I wish I could go back in time and cuddle that chubby faced little boy once again and treasure each moment more.  But I can't.  Instead I am learning to treasure each moment more than ever before, cause kids just grow up way too fast! 
Alex really didn't know what to do for his birthday this year.  We ended up deciding to keep his birthday party small and invited my sister and her family.  The theme was "Duck Dynasty"!  It was the perfect party for Alex...and lots of fun to plan!
We tried Ms. Kay's famous Pepper Steak and even tried some squirrel brains!...I will leave the contents of the squirrel brains up to your imagination.  ;)  We had a frog eating contest, which was super fun to watch!  We played a few games of "Who Said..." and "Si-cology".  Of coarse Alex knew almost every answer!  Not surprising since he has watched each episode so many times, I think he practically has them memorized!  The guys (and Brook) also did some skeet shooting.  I'm told they had a blast!
The cake was super easy and best of all...Alex loved it!
 The kids and I spent one day making all the posters and signs for the party.  So much fun!  The kids got to make their own party bags...complete with squirrel skin (beef jerky), frogs, Si's Doe poo...(yuck!), and oodles of other brown, orange and green candy.

I had most of the decorating stuff on hand...even the camo table cloth!  Well, not really.  I washed the boys' curtains and used them!  I borrowed the ducks, duck calls, and shot gun casings from Martin's office.  The bales and flowers are part of my yearly fall display.

As you can see, the color theme was orange, brown and green.  I had asked everyone to dress in either camo, or one of these colors.  We were pretty amazed to see Dan and Eve show up dressed as Phil and Ms. Kay!  Loved the pillow tummy!

This boy of mine is growing up to be a gentle, kind hearted young man.  He is maturing in leaps and bounds.  It blesses my heart to see him play with the little kids, making them laugh and helping out where ever possible.  I think what melts my heart the most is how Alex gets and supports the whole "caring for orphans" command.  He knows how difficult it can be.  He knows the sacrifices he has had to made.  Still he loves his siblings with his whole heart and wouldn't change our family for the world! 
Alex is incredibly smart and artistic.  He has been making throwing knives, using old metal and a grinder.  Each one is turning out better than the previous one.  He loves researching everything from knife making, to guns, to movies.  He works independently at his school work and rarely complains about school work.  He excels in almost every subject.  Most importantly he loves God and is constantly working to become more Christ like.  His intuitive spirit never ceases to amaze me.  He understands things that are way beyond his years and has been gifted with a discerning heart.  I know God has great things planned for Alex!  I'm so thrilled to have a front row seat as God's will unfolds in Alex's life!


Paige said...

What a great theme! He sounds like a great kid, I hope his birthday was wonderful.

Patrick and Christina said...

What a great party idea! It looks like it was a lot of fun! Happy Birthday to Alex!

Kathy said...

love it!! wish we could have been there...but not sure we have anything camo that we could wear ;)
I love the decorations...I see i'm rubbing off on you ;)

Marie said...

Yes Kathy you are! You really should live closer....dreaming!