Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our Mini Vacation

I'm sitting at my computer, wearing an extra cozy hoodie (or bunnyhug as we say SK!), my warm slippers, and sipping on my second cup of mocha.  It's that kinda day!  I'm tired!  Ha!  What's new about that?!? lol!  Really, though...I am REALLY tired!  Perhaps I shouldn't have pretended I was a teenager and stayed up till past midnight watching my favourite show, knowing the boys would be up at 4 am to go choring!  Or perhaps it's the little guy crying a few times at night.  Or the boys coming home at 6:30, waking me again. 
The boys are choring all week, so it will be an early bedtime tonight!  It was suppose to be our week off of school, but we'll wait till the boys are done the early morning chore time so we can sleep in and be lazy!
In my last post I mentioned how very tired we are.  It's not a wonder!  It is the stage of life we are in right now and I can't see it changing for a while.   I hope I'm wrong about that!  As I'm writing, I'm dictating Morgun's spelling words to him...trying to form sentences...no wonder my head is tired! 
 So we decided to take a spur of the moment mini vacation at Elk Ridge Resort.  It's about a 2 hour drive from our place, so it was easy to get there without too many "are we there yet?!?"
The cabin we stayed it was well used, but cozy. We booked at the last minute and got a very reasonable rate, which included access to the pool, skating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and tobogganing.  The weather was perfect! Not too cold, and not too warm, with fluffy snow falling several days.  I was in my glory!  I LOVE soft falling snow!
We went tobogganing...
And some of us may have had time out cause our bad attitudes simply can not be left at home! 
And the two of us try to keep on smiling!  What would a vacation be like without temper tantrums, snarky remarks, cooking, and restless nights?!?  I can only dream.....


We went skating...Elk Ridge has the best ice surface.  It's a pond that has the perimeter cleared and spots in the middle cleared for individual spaces to skate and play hockey.  On this day, it was snowing so there was a fair bit of snow on the ice which made it difficult to skate...but it was so beautiful!

I love how my kids make the effort to include Wren.  The youngest two are constantly arguing about who gets to push her in her wheelchair.


We sorted and graphed Valentine candy...and ate far too many!

 We played outside...

Or more like...sat around bored out of our minds!  Well, at least some of us!  I was just grateful the teens humoured us and joined us!


A certain someone may have fallen off the swing...
...and laughed and laughed!  :)

And we went swimming a lot!




Our kids all love the water...including Wren.  She'd swim in the pool until she was shaking and had blue lips.  Then she'd go to the hot tub to warm up.  She's definitely tougher than I am!  I'd spend all my time in the hot tub if my circulation was as poor as hers is!
Wren really wanted to wear goggles.  I happen to hate constantly adjusting goggles and figured it would simply be more work for me, so I told her she really didn't need goggles cause she wasn't putting her face in the water, but if she did, I would certainly help her with her goggles.  Long story short...she was soon wearing goggles, showing off to her siblings how she could put her entire face in the water!
Wren was game to go on the waterslide with her Daddy.  Well, at first she was!  Their first ride down was the most hilarious thing!  Marty was too tall to sit up in order to slow down.  They ended up whizzing down that slide in a few seconds, with Marty losing his balance in the pool and both going under the water!  It was only a second that Wren was under water, and she didn't swallow any water...BUT...she was NOT impressed!  She came out of the water with the most hilarious disgusted look on her face...and all we could do was split our guts laughing!  Needless to say, Wren only wanted to go down with mommy after that! :)
And I cooked...a lot!  We planned a menu and took enough food for each meal.  However, the plan was to eat out at least a few times.  Once we saw the menu we changed our minds.  Take 8 meals times by $15 = $120!  Multiply that by two...that's $240 plus a tip!  Not to mention, most of the meals were not meals that would appeal to our kids.  The view, the meals, and the wine certainly did appeal to Marty and I! 
So I adjusted my attitude, determined to take this time to enjoy cooking.  I really do enjoy cooking if I'm not in a hurry or don't have a million things to do.  We had baked potatoes one day, and having forgotten the tin foil, I opted to use the roaster.  It still had the sticker on it!  After at least 15 years!  Apparently, most people don't need a roaster on their vacation! lol!

We arrived home to some cold weather, but the following days have been warm, with lots of fluffy snow.  I LOVE snowy days!  It's so beautiful!  Not much can make me feel cozier and warmer than soft falling snow and the beautiful view!

We took these snowy days to do some crafts.  We made igloos our of milk jugs and the kids are now using them with their Littlest Pet Shop!  And we made popsicle stick snowmen. 
 I've also started a project that is kinda cool.  I'll try to post it in the next few days...if I get around to completing it!
We had a fairly calm Family Day.  I actually took about an hour to myself in a sort of quiet house.  How did I manage that?  Well, the boys went to chore, and I sent the littlest four outside to play while Marty was outside working.  And I actually got about 45 mins of uninterrupted time!!! Yah!!  That automatically makes for a great day! 
Here's to hoping that all you busy, tired moms can have a few minutes of quiet bliss today!

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