Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hand -me-downs.

We LOVE hand-me-downs!  I'm not sure what we would do without them.  They are a huge blessing to us...and oh, so much fun!  Most of the clothes we get are for the girls and most are way too big.  I sort through them and store them according to size.  This time around Raina got into the clothes and began trying them cute!  She especially loved the shoes with the heal and had a blast strutting her stuff!!


Paige said...

Raina looks hilarious in that photo! A true girly girl!

I hope you post more about your upcoming trip… I didn't even know you were going… what are you doing? who is all going?

Marie said...

I got a got laugh out of Raina and her shoes too!
Martin and I leave for God's Littlest Angels in Haiti on Monday and will be gone for a week. I will post when we return, as internet and electricity are sporadic. There are 10 of us going and we will be doing everything from building to painting to playing with the kids. It should be fun...and life changing! Can't wait!

Patrick and Christina said...

Raina is so cute in those shoes...I just her love little toddler legs in that skirt and the pose she strikes is hilarious!

Looks like you are keeping busy...hoping to catch up sooner than later!

Marie said...

Christina, we do need to connect again...we ran into your hubby on Friday. I'll get in touch with you when we return from Haiti.