Monday, January 9, 2012

More of Christmas 2011

We have a yearly tradition of exchanging gifts and having supper with Ruth and Wayne during the holiday season.  It was my turn to host this year.  We had ham and potatoes along with all the fixings. It was great to relax and have someone over for Christmas supper. 

My family met at Joe & Ruth's house, which is where I grew up.  It is a large house, but is rapidly becoming too small to fit all of us.  This Christmas everyone in Sask showed up for a grand total of 50! As you can see the living room was VERY crowed!  I think this was truly the best Christmas with my family in many, many years!  We laughed and laughed!  And laughed some more!  I don't think we have ever laughed so much at a family gathering!  I remember shortly before Mom passed away, I begged God to allow good to come from her passing.  I specifically asked Him to help us kids get along better and have meaningful relationships...and He has...we're still not as close as I would like, and there are still those who harbour bitterness and anger, but I do believe that in time that too will change. 

And once again we spent another day with Martin's folks.  It was wonderful to spend time with just other family members.

She already understands and can speak a few Low German words...looks like she's trying to look the part!  lol!

Six of my seven favorite people in the world!  :)



Kathy said...

makes me sad to have missed out on our family Christmas. and that my kids don't have any memories of those family gatherings. maybe some day. just hope that happens before they are to old.

Marie said...

That's my hearts prayer! Miss you!