Monday, January 16, 2012

Malia's 6th Birthday

I can not believe my baby girl is 6!  My how time flies!  Our little princess had 2 birthday cakes. One on her birth day and one at her party.   The first cake was fairly simple, although I did have a difficult time with the squiggles...that's what happens when you are missing the writing tip from your cake decorating set.  With a little duct tape and a lot of determination I was able to make it work...sort of!

I wanted to make another simple, but lovely cake for Malia's party...but that didn't happen...thanks to the inspiration of my lovely friend Rita.  Yes, I do blame her for causing me to attempt something WAY beyond my ability and level of experience.  We spent an evening shopping and had a blast!  I intended to purchase a large round cake pan and a decorating kit...that's it! the time we left WalMart I had purchased everything from Chinese lanterns to pillars for the cake!  The cake turned out ok, but I had neglected to purchase hot pink food coloring and wasn't about to make another long trip into town just for that, so the cake was not the exact color I would have liked.

I saw a really cool banner idea in one of my Stampin Up! flyers and wanted to make it.  However, I soon realized that the banner would be HUGE if I wanted to have multiple layers.  So I switched to squares and it turned out lovely...even the boys thought so!

We dressed up as princess', painted nails, wore tiaras, made a craft, and had lots of fun!


Kathy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Malia!! can't believe that she is 6. She is a beautiful little girl. such a princess;)

Paige said...

Happy Birthday Malia!

The cakes are beautiful Marie! Girls parties are so much fun to plan for! I bet she loved every minute.

Patrick and Christina said...

Looks like Malia had a fantastic party! Happy Belated Birthday to your little princess!

Great Job on the decorations and cakes!