Friday, February 17, 2012


My computer has been acting rather wonky lately...I think it has an over abundance of viruses.  Hopefully I can have it up and running well very soon.  But until then, I will stick to posting without takes WAY too long to post.  That means I will be VERY late with posting for Valentines, but I simply must post at least one picture at some point of Malia's Valentine's Day hair.  And I still have at least one more post on is such an amazing country!

Lately I have been thinking about all the little things that make my life wonderful...things I can not imagine living without...such as... super soft, but not too soft bed
...feather pillows
...wool blankets
...clean sheets...oh how I love to crawl into bed with that lovely smell!  (Can you tell I LOVE sleeping?!?)
...peeking in on my kids each night after they fall asleep
...cuddles before bedtime
...soft, wintry landscapes...this morning is especially gorgeous due to lots of fog
...seeing our kids' bright eyes as they get off the bus each day
...nap time/quiet time for the sanity time
...the peace and quiet of country life
...smell of fresh baked bread chocolate
...hugs from my hubby
...a clean may sound weird, but a clean house totally calms me friends
...advocating for is something that motivates and encourages and is on my mind every day
...and most importantly...a God who hears my heart even when I don't say a formal prayer and listens to all my rants!

Have a blessed day!  :)

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Paige said...

I love all those things too! Especially the sleeping.... I hope you can get your computer working... I would love to see the photos.