Monday, February 27, 2012


It is computer bit the dust.  No wonder I couldn't get it working properly!  I thought it simply had too many viruses, but it turns out it over heated...who knew you should clean it????  Ha ha!  Of course I knew that, but obviously, I didn't do it enough...:(
I have a love/hate relationship with anything technological.  I love all that it allows me to do...instant answers to almost any question I have, email...instant communication with loved ones, facebook, the ability to send/recieve business info without a trip to town...and the list goes on...  BUT I hate all the problems that arise from technology...breakdowns and not being able to blog/email, viruses, sending emails to the wrong address just because I forgot one little "."...well, you know what I mean.
So this week I will be looking for a new many options, so little knowledge on what is a good buy...
Until then I will limp my way through my daily "need" of technology using this small, s.l.o.w. computer...

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