Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pics Especially for Kathy....:)

So I feel almost guilty posting these pictures.  They are all winter pics and I so do not want any more winter.  However, my lovely sister, whom I miss an awful lot, was bugging me for not posting more pictures of our kids as of here they are!

Martin and I took the boys skiing to Table Mountain recently...we had a blast!  And it even snowed the soft fluffy snow I love so much!

Skiing at Table Mountain (it's really NOT a mountain at all, but in here in good ole SK it is the closest thing to it!) is not nearly as beautiful as skiing in the mountains, however, the runs are good... and challenging enough for us...and the view is beautiful...for not being in the mountains.

We had very little snow this winter, and the majority of the snowfall fell at the beginning of March.  It was the kind of snow I was waiting for all year...fluffy and soft...and heavy...and sooo much fun!  The boys had a challenge clearing the drive.

We cleared our dugout this year and spent many hours skating.

It was Malia's first year on skates and she loved pushing the pail around...she was very proud of herself!

My sister Eve and her kids came over during our February break to skate and have a wiener roast.  I'm really not a fan of hot dogs, but must admit they do taste pretty good cooked over an open fire!

Raina had a blast kicking the puck around...we may finally have another soccer player in the family...

I promise the next pictures will be of spring...I do have some, but I have yet to download them onto my's acting up...again!!!

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the pics...even winter ones;)

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun in the kids don't get the experience of skating on a dugout and playing in the snow like that. You're creating awesome memories for your kids.

I knew this past summer that Raina was going to like summer just seeing her play with the soccer ball:) Love it.

Can't wait to see the spring photos;)

Again thanks for posting...Love the pic of Malia...Love that kid.