Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Have you ever had one of those days where by lunch time you're asking yourself "What was I thinking?".  I'm having one of those days.  I'm in the middle of baking buns...all 11+ dozen of them... along with a double batch of cinnamon buns! I used all the pans I have and even resorted to using disposable aluminum pans.  Both ovens are going at high speed! I'm running downstairs every 10 minutes to put another pan of buns into my downstairs oven!  Seriously!  What WAS I thinking??? I REALLY NEED my dream kitchen NOW!  I know my boys will be happy...they've been begging for cinnamon buns...and I really did need to bake buns...But, all I want to do at the moment is read for a few minutes and then crash for a nap!  Alas, that will NOT happen! 

Instead I will try to catch up a bit on blogging...between running downstairs and to my kitchen to take another pan out of the oven...:) :)...yeah!  I'm working hard to keep smiling!  :):)

I promised a picture of how I styled Malia's hair for Valentines Day.  It looked simple enough, but I'm sure whoever came up with the idea did not consider little Asian girls with fine, straight hair!  It worked, but took a little creativity in order for it to stay in place!

Someone was asking for more pictures of my kids...here is the latest family picture!  Ha! Ha!  Don't ya love how Martin's head looks like a hedge hog?  We had so much fun enjoying the snow that finally fell last week...and it's almost gone...as are the snowmen!

OK, so here's one picture of Raina...and I promise to post more in the next few days.  I checked on Raina one morning, thinking she was awake.  She wasn't.   Thinking it was the perfect opportunity for a cute photo,  I snuck off to get my camera, but by the time I came back she was ready to get out of bed!
This little stinker has become a master at unbuckling the straps and untying double and even triple knots!  Almost every night she takes off her boots and bar, places them to the side of her crib and then dozes off to sleep...can you see the boot in the left hand corner of her crib?  On the nights she doesn't do this, it is the very first thing she does on awakening...can't say I blame her!


Paige said...

You are one busy mama... baking buns and cinnamon buns... I will send you my address!

I love the heart hair, so cool, no way that would ever stay in my girls hair.

Kathy said...

Love the hair. You go with all the baking I've been slacking since Bee. I haven't baked any bread and just started running again this week. Oh how things change with a baby in the house...we love it though. Of course today i didn't feel well, think i may have an ear infection...vertigo + taking care of a baby does NOT = good things. here's to hoping I feel better tomorrow and can start running again.

Marie said...

Paige...if the baking would stay fluffy and fresh I would certainly send you some! :)
Kathy...I hope you feel better soon. It's at times like this that I really wish we lived within driving distance...I'd be there in a heartbeat! Good for you to be running...I can't stand running with a stroller. It kills my bad ribs!