Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

As usual I'm a bit late in posting.  It seems to have become the story of my life...always rushing to get things done on time.  I have begun to to just let things go and get to them when I can...and life is so much better for it!

I had the BEST Mother's Day EVER!  Some may shake their heads and wonder why after reading this post...but it's true.

I received two bouquets of flowers.  I LOVE, LOVE flowers!  It is one of the few unnecessary things I will actually buy for myself.

I was instructed to stay in bed, much to my delight! All my kids, let by Alex, came into my room carrying a gift for me.   Who can resist a Caramilk Chocolate bar presented by a wide eyed two year old...so not sure of what all the excitement is about.

Malia's gift was waiting for me at the kitchen table (the reason I didn't get breakfast in bed).  She made the sweetest place mat ever with her hand print and a cute little verse on it.

Morgun presented me with an invitation to the Grade 4's presentation of  Spring Fling and a beautiful card and fridge magnet with his picture in it.  The best gift from Morgun was the look of love in his eyes...he will certainly be wooing some girl with that look some day...so glad it's for me...for now!

And how could I not be tickled by the bath scrub sewn by my 12 year old, filled with homemade soap?!?  I loved it!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, going for a walk and napping.  I wasn't feeling very well...hmmm it seems to be a theme for me to be sick on Mother's Day...so it was a perfect day.  Martin had planned to BBQ chicken, but forgot to thaw the chicken, so he made a simple lunch instead.  Five years ago, I would have been ticked about this.  This year it really didn't matter.  I had all I wanted...my kids and hubby loving on me and making me feel special with all the little gifts and acts of kindness!  I LOVE how God is s.l.o.w.l.y. changing me for the better!  I suppose that is one of my gifts from HIM!

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