Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Morning

Have you ever wondered what little girls do to a grown man's heart?  I see it every day...when they run to the door shouting "Daddy, Daddy!", when Martin arrives home from work.  I see it every night as these two beauties are tucked into bed.  They erase the wrinkles caused by too much stress and sun and they soften an already soft heart and melt into a puddle of "I'll do anything for you!"...even paint your toe nails!

And Alex being the young man that he is, loves to do whatever his Dad does...and who can blame him?

PS:  Yes, I did allow my girls to go to church wearing all their "pretties".  They were wearing their jewlery before I had time to comb their hair and Icouldn't say no.  :)


Kathy said...

AWWW so sweet!!
Its amazing how those little girls have their Daddy's wrapped around their little fingers even before they can walk.
Love it!!!

ps Does Marty know that the pic is on the blog?;)

Marie said...

Yup! And all he did was know he's got it bad!

Paige said...

I love this, because you can see what kind of man your girls will someday look for in a mate!