Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer 2012

Here are some of the pics I meant to post this summer.  Since returning from Wisconsin, our life has been busy and the few short hours of not working on the yard, gardening, canning, and all that comes with raising 4 kids were spent enjoying each other.  Our pool has proven to be an incredible investment.  We only made it to the lake for one day.  The rest of our down time was spent in the pool.  It is certainly a lot less stressful and less expensive to spend the week-end at home in the pool rather than heading to the lake.  In some ways I missed the lake, but overall, for this year at least, the pool has fit our life perfectly.  No stress about Raina getting her nap, no packing/unpacking, no loud neighbors partying until all hours of the morning...just pure peace and quiet...with the occasional smell of our neighbors!

We spent one Saturday at a local Fair, watching the parade, viewing all the exhibits and watching the horse competition (sorry no photos of that)
The kids that are too cool to grab the candy thrown during the parade...a few may have given in and snatched a few candies...but I'm not telling! ;)

A certain auntie bribed, with money dared Alex to pull the lions tail...absolutely hilarious!  And the lion responded so appropriately! 

Cotton candy...always a must have! 

And of coarse, our drama queen was struttin' her stuff!

Believe it or not, but we actually think work can be fun...especially when it means something is finally getting done!  I only (sarcasm intended!:) waited 3 summers to have concrete put around my pond!  It will be ready for fish next spring and I can't wait!
Nothing like says fun like working with Dad!

Even Morgun pitched in...between quad clean the tools.


Patrick and Christina said...

So glad to see you posting again. Looks like you had a great summer!


Paige said...

Glad you are back! I already miss those lazy summer days...

Kathy said...

love the pics. Your kids have grown and changed in the short couple of months since we saw you. miss you guys. thanks for posting the pics.