Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Day 2013...and a Sneek Peek

Today is Family Day in Canada.  That means no work and no school!  Yah!  We don't have anything special planned...other than to do what we feel like doing at the moment.  Love those days!
The kids are playing, and for the moment all is calm. 
Martin isn't home today, so we're not really having a "family day", but we'll enjoy it non the less!  Martin left on Friday to go snowmobiling up north and should be home sometime late this afternoon.  He's been trying to sell his sled, but so far hasn't had any reasonable offers.  Unfortunately, his sled has been having some mechanical issues, so I'm not sure how much sledding he actually got to enjoy.  I do know though, that he will have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the bush!
I am so grateful that Martin had this opportunity.  This man of mine has been working incredibly hard this past year and if anyone deserves or needs a break it is him!  He has pushed himself physically to the point of exhaustion.  He comes home day after day, tired, soaked and cold.  Yet, he never complains.  This adoption journey has once again pushed him and stretched him beyond what he thought he was capable of.  To see his strength come from God warms my heart and makes me proud!  To see him make the right decisions even if it is the most difficult of all decisions, to see him consciously work to truly trust God in every simply amazing!
As you all know, the child growing in our hearts is still not home.  As we wait, we pray, we dream, we plan.  I have been impatient, and am still trying to find the balance between trusting and pressing on, pushing to bring our little one home.  It is a delicate balance.
In the past 6 months I have slowly been collecting items for our little guy.  I've been looking for ideas for his bedroom decor and sort of had an idea of what I wanted.  We will be reusing Raina's white crib, so I wanted something to complement a white crib.  I was picturing soft whites, with some blue.  Something light and airy, but all boy. 
This fall I spotted the cutest monkey sleeper at Costco.  A few months later I found the softest little stuffed monkey at Osh Kosh.  Ok.  So neither item fit what I had in mind, but I simply could not pass up on these cute items!
And then...I found the perfect fabric for our little guys bedding!  And the above items are a perfect match! 

I think I see a sock monkey in this boys future!  :)


Kathy said...

I love it. I saw the cutest monkey bedding and sheet set at the used clothing store the other day...if I knew what we would have next I would have bought it...the colors were different than this, but so cute. can't wait to meet the little man. :)

Paige said...

That is so sweet! I can hardly wait to see the photos of his finished room!

Happy Family Day!