Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tipping the Balance

It's official. The balance has been tipped in our favour...or so we're told.  As of yesterday Malia has spent more time with us...her family, than in foster care in China!  I expect all the adoption related issues we deal with will miraculously disappear...NOT!  lol!  What I do know is that with each day that passes our beautiful treasure has another opportunity to trust that we are hers forever!  That even though we're not perfect, we love her and will for  FOREVER!  She is beginning to understand that her little quirks are silly and not necessary.  That she is indeed here to stay.

Malia loves China and cannot wait to go back.    We have told her from the beginning that someday we will go back, but that this time...when I travel to bring our little man home... I will travel alone.  For some reason she convinced herself that she was going.  She kept talking about it.   I think she thought we would change our minds.  About a week ago it finally sank in that she would not be joining me in travelling to China to meet our newest little one.  She was grumpy, irritable and naughty for an entire week! 

Malia is very proud of anything Chinese.  She understands that she looks different than us and sees it as something to be proud of.  She loves going to the local Asian Market and loves it when I cook Chinese food.
Malia loves school...except for the days when she gets in one of her "moods" and decides she can't do something.  She pretends to not understand or know things when she is in this "mood".  We are making progress though, as she is finally admitting that she has these "moods".
Malia is becoming a good reader, even taking note of exclamation marks!
Malia loves playing with her play kitchen, cooking up a storm or taking someones order so she can serve them.  She often talks about being a waitress or hairdresser when she grows up.  She also loves her Lego and Littlest Pet Shop.
Malia hates quiet time.  Hates being told to go to the bathroom...even if she's dancing so she doesn't pee her pants.  She wishes she was older and had all the privelages the boys have.
Malia loves to be in control, even in playing and tends to be very bossy with Raina.  It is one of the areas that I pray we can channel in the right direction so that it will be a strength...not a weakness.
Most importanly, Malia is really beginning to understand what loving God is all about.  She is beginning to see that good choices result in her feeling better about herself and that she can be proud of making good choices.


Chantel Klassen said...

Oh she is so sweet. I love that she loves China! You said your agency had trips for kids when they are a little older, right? I think that is such a great idea!

Kathy said...

I love that she loves China or anything Chinese...I think she senses that it is part of who she is.
as for the "moods" they will only get worse ;) at least that is what we have experienced with our preteen. Lord willing though it will get better soon.

Paige said...

It always feels really good to reach this step... when they have been with you longer than they weren't!

Are you planning on going to China alone this next trip?

Marie said...

Kathy, Malia's moods are not "typical" moods we see in out older kids. Her moods are directly tied to her feelings of belonging.
Paige, I am planning to travel on my own this time. It makes more sense finacially and solves the problem of finding someone to care for all 4 kids, especially with Alex being homeschooled.