Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh Deer!!

We've been seeing a lot of trails on our yard lately.  This one cuts right through my garden.

We've also seen a lot of this. 

Unfortunately, we've also been seeing a lot of this. 

Yup!  My cedars have been demolished!... these beautiful, but pesky creatures!

Our dog disappeared late this summer and the deer seem to think they own the place.  They have nibbled at, and destroyed all the cedars on my yard, even the one's up against my house!  They did all the damage to the cedars in one or two nights.  That tells you there were more than a few deer having night lunch!

I must admit that when I first saw the damage they had done, I was sick to my stomach.  I even awoke one night thinking about all the damage, the cost to replace all those cedars...and it made me sick to think of it! 
Almost immediately I kicked myself back to reality!  Inspite of being disappointed, I reminded myself that they are only cedars.  Cedars can be replaced.  What a silly thing to stress over!
I suppose I know what kind of yard work I will be doing this spring!  I usually enjoy yard work, but after starting 2 acreages, planting thousands of teeny, tiny trees, weeding, watering, replacing them for the past 20 years...well, lets just say I'm getting tired of it.  For the past 2 years we have not planted any more trees and I seriously thought (other than a few more replacements), we were done...guess I was wrong!  Oh well!  At least I've got 2 capable boys to help me this time!  And in the scheme of things...what's a few more cedars?? :) 


Paige said...

Maybe it is time for a new puppy!

I have this problem too, but with rabbits... every years I am replacing the bushes the eat... and yet they are so pretty and my kids love watching them in our yard.

Kathy said...

sorry to hear of all the replanting you'll have to do in spring...but the deer really are pretty.