Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jackson's Homecoming

Finally!  A few moments to complete this blog post.  There are moments where I have so much I want to tell you, but no time.  And then when I finally have 10 minutes before crashing into bed, I'm too exhausted.
The youngest 2 are tucked in for their nap and Malia is having quiet time.  The boys are off in the bush working on their fort. (I'll post on that at a later date.) I so love watching them work hard to create their own man cave.
For those of you that have travelled to China, you know it is a brutal trip.  I left Beijing at 4pm, flew 11 1/2 hours, had an 8 3/4 hour layover and then a 2 hour flight to Saskatoon.  By the time we drove the 1/2 hour ride home and had everyone tucked into bed it was 2 am and I had been awake for 32 hours, with a few short naps.  However, arriving home to a crowd always makes my steps a little lighter and gives me that little boost of energy that I so desperately need.
My friend Chantal generously took photos of Martin and the kids meeting Jackson for the first time and of the crowd that waited to welcome us home.  Her photos are incredible!  Thanks so much Chantal!

Trying to catch the first glimpse...

I was a crying mess by the time I arrived, having cried on the last leg of the flight.  Travelling to China on my own to meet Jackson is probably one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  Looking back, I am amazed at how well absolutely every aspect of my time in China was.  I tend to focus on my goal and only my goal and that is what helped me through the long 2 weeks.  I know many, many people were praying for us and I could literally feel God's wings of protection and strength every day.  Thank you so much for all of you for praying.


Jackson has completely warmed up to his Daddy and siblings.  In fact, I am convinced that had Martin travelled to China, Jackson would not have bonded with me so well.  Even while in China, he tended to gravitate towards men. 
He seems to have a real connection with Alex, which is kind of cool.  Alex is usually the one that is most afraid of all the changes and worries about how his sibling will like him.  To me it is another way that God has blessed us...another answer to prayer.

Love this shoot!  Not too sure about meeting Lyndon.  I'm sure these two will have a lot of fun together  get into a lot of mischief together.

This shirt makes me laugh!  It was worn very intentionally to convey Martin's thoughts...and to let the world know he truly is a redneck! 

My friend Chantal...


Finally all together...a family of 7!!  :)

I stand amazed...shaking my head and completely overwhelmed that God has blessed us with all of these children!...who knew???


Kathy said...

I cheated and went on Chantel's blog to see the photos. :) love it...makes me feel a little more like we're there.
Love Jackson...can't wait to meet the little man.
Willow is in love with him as soon as she saw his picture she kept saying "Jackson" over and over again. I think she is waiting for the day that she can meet him and play with him.
God has truly blessed you guys with a beautiful family!
love you guys.
so glad you are home with the loves of your life. :)

Marie said...

That's not cheating. Chantal asked if she could post and I didn't mind. :) And yes we are blessed beyond what we could ever have imagined!

Denise said...

So happy to see that you made it back safely. I love the photos! I wish we had more of when G came home... these are priceless :)

Patrick and Christina said...

What an awesome keepsake for your family! So glad to hear that you survived and are home safe and sound!