Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Malia's Surgery May 2014

Malia had the first of three surgeries yesterday.  As I mentioned in my last post, we had been told all 3 procedures would be done at one time.  However, that was not the case.  In fact, it is impossible to do the bone graft at the same time as repositioning the teeth.  I was/am a bit frustrated at the lack of communication on the surgeon's part.  I'm the type of parent that asks lots of questions to ensure that I understand everything correctly so that I can tell Malia the correct information.  We had expected, and had prepared for a 2-3 day hospital stay.  Malia was home by mid afternoon!  We were all relieved and incredibly grateful to be home and to spend the night in our own beds!
We arrived at the hospital shortly after 6am...and waited...and waited...and waited...and waited...for over 4 hours!  This sleep loving lady does not appreciate getting up at 5 am to sit and wait in an uncomfortable hospital waiting room!  Even the Starbucks mocha didn't do much to soothe my tired body. lol!
 Malia and Martin were being goofy...pulling Malia's over sized hospital PJ's up to her arm pits!  :)  I couldn't help but laugh! 
 Malia was mostly calm, somewhat fidgety, but mostly at peace.

I was able to go into the OR with Malia and stay until she was asleep.  I've done this twice before.  The first time I was completely at ease...until I left the OR, and then I felt all shaky.  The second time the anesthesiologist had to suggest that I ease off on the pressure I was placing on the mask, but when I left the OR I was completely at ease.  This time I nailed it!  I was completely calm before, during, and after!  In fact I would have liked to stay in the OR to watch the procedure...although I would have asked for a chair...just in case! 
(Malia and I seconds before leaving for the OR...me all dressed up in a monkey suit!  :)

Malia never ceases to amaze us!  She is such a trooper and handles everything amazingly well!  This procedure was the one where her rotated teeth were moved into the correct position and wires were placed on her braces and an appliance was put in place to hold the teeth in place.  The surgery only took about an hour and everything went very well.  The doctor simply snipped the bone, moved the teeth forward and positioned the appliance.  Moving the teeth caused a hole, about the size of a dime, to form in the back of her palate.  This will be repaired in a later surgery.
She awoke trying to touch the appliance in her mouth.  We repeatedly asked her to stop...so then she proceeded to grind her teeth and run her tongue all over her appliance.  I think she was simply trying to figure out what was in her mouth and trying to figure out why her mouth/face felt numb.  She had a fair bit of swelling and a little oozing.  Both are completely normal and expected.  

Within an hour, she was more awake, smiled and gave us the thumbs up!

Here she is talking to her Daddy asking what the little thing on her finger is...completely unaware that she still had the intravenous needle in her hand.  

Malia has taken a few doses of Tylenol/Advil and has not complained about being in pain at all!  However, her lips are cracked, swollen and uncomfortable.  Being the tough, independent kid she is...she found her chap stick!
The swelling in Malia's face has gone down a lot.  She has difficulty eating and is on a soft food/liquid diet and will be for at least 4-6 weeks.  She can't use a straw, due to the hole in her palate...too much air escaping.  She is also having trouble talking, but that is not stopping her.  She thinks she sounds like a boy when she talks...not sure what that means, but it makes me smile!  Nothing, and I mean nothing will stop this girl from talking!!



Sherri Davidson said...

Like mother like daughter. Lol
Man she is beautiful. Inside and out. Love her spirit.

Kathy said...

such a trooper! she amazes me how she bounces back from each of those surgeries, no skin off her back...I love that spunk in her and the fact that even that won't stop her from talking...love her...so glad that she is not in pain. she is as beautiful as ever.

Pat said...

The first thing Emily said when she saw Malias picture was "she's beautiful!". And I too think she is a trooper. May God continue to bless you all in the journey He has laid out for you.