Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Child Dedication

This Mother's Day was especially meaningful.  We had the opportunity to dedicate our 3 youngest kids.  It is incredible to have an entire church stand behind us as we do our best to raise our kids and teach them to love God and love others.  It was touching to have some family members attend...you know who you are...thank you! 

For those of you who may not know what a Child Dedication is...in a nut shell...it's a public declaration that we, with God as our leader will seek to teach our kids all about God and His promises, to teach them what Jesus has done for them and for us.  For us personally, it's saying we need the body of Christ to stand beside us, to support us, to pray for us...and by "us", I mean our entire family.  It is not about salvation or ensuring entrance into heaven.  That is something that each of our kids will have to or have already made a decision about...who they will trust, love and put their faith in.  Our prayer is that God will be the one they choose.

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Chantel Klassen said...

<3 I love that you have found such a wonderful church Marie!! And that you got to dedicate the three of them at the same time. <3