Monday, November 23, 2015

Beijing 2015

After some confusion in Wenshan with Wren's ticket, and having our wonderful guide Lily rush us through the VIP boarding, hurrying to our gate, and then a delayed flight we finally arrived at our hotel in Beijing around midnight.  It was snowing and cold.
 Yesterday was suppose to be a relaxing day as we didn't care to go to the zoo.  Because of the snow and cold, plans changed and we ended up going to the tea house, silk factory, and doing some shopping.  Wren enjoyed the silk factory and the shopping and pointed at all the electronic devices she wanted and all the cute things she wanted.  I'm not much of a shopper, but did manage to barter a few decent deals.
We're both tired and more than ready to go home.  This last stretch is always the hardest!  My computer crashed yesterday and it left me longing for some sort of comfort from home.  A few of our kids at home are having a bit of a hard time and I can't wait to hug them all close!  Needless to say, last night we walked to Pizza Hut even though it was cold and miserable.  It felt so good to have a ham and pineapple pizza!

Today was a day to do some laundry, have a nap and relax.  This evening we went to the acrobatic show.  It was good, but not as good as I remember in past years.  Wren wasn't so sure of all the loud noise and ended up sitting on Martin's lap, "hmm" ing  a lot.
I'm finding it hard to blog.  My heart just isn't in it.  My heart is having a hard time processing all I have seen. But I know my kids and friends are waiting for updates.  So this post is bland, but hopefully the pics make up for it.
Wren is doing amazing!  She has fallen in love with Martin, but is still a bit cautious.  She loves to giggle and grunt and coo to communicate.  She understands a lot of what we say and has little problems communicating her needs and wants.  She has a young and open heart.  A heart that is ready and willing to trust and to love.  For that I am incredibly grateful!

This is our guide Lily.  She was the best guide we have ever had, taking the time to chat with Wren, tell us what she was saying to Wren and what Wren's response was.  She even bought Wren some candy several times!

The tea house...

The silk factory.  This is one of my favorite places to visit in China.

And the snowy streets in Beijing.


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