Friday, November 27, 2015

We Are Home!!!!

Just a short post to let you all know we made it home safe and sound!  Our flights were as perfect as they could possibly be!  We landed a few minutes late in Vancouver, but had enough time to make it through customs (it's amazing what a child in a wheelchair can do for you!  lol!  Seriously, though, we were escorted to the short line all the way through in Vancouver!  Thank you so much to Canadians for seeing the value of our children!) time for a bathroom break, and a quick stop for coffee/mocha.  We heard the final boarding call as we hurried to our gate and were the last to board.  One of the airline gals commented that we could have had priority boarding, to which we laughed and said it really didn't matter...we were just so very happy to be home and to have made the flight! 
Our kids really missed us!  Even Malia cried!  This girl has never admitted to missing us before, and if she has, only a little...unless we insist she has!  lol!  She was crying!  Oh, God is so very good!  Her crying is huge, and we don't take it for granted! And here we were, worried that our absence would set our kids back.  It seems to have done the opposite!
Thanks to everyone that came out to welcome us home!
Thanks Chantal for coming out to once again document this important day for us!   I can't wait to see more photos!  For now, here's one I stole from Chantal's page.


Laurena said...

Welcome home! Beautiful photo of a precious moment.

Marie said...

Thanks Laurena! It feels so very good to be home!