Saturday, November 21, 2015

More of Wenshan

We travelled to Wenshan on Wednesday and returned on to Kunming on Thursday.  This post is rather random, but I want my kids at home to see some of what we saw.
As I mentioned in my last post, the drive from Kunming to Wenshan was gorgeous!

Wenshan is a busy city, but not as busy as Beijing and has more of a small town feel to it....if that's possible to say about a huge city!

This was our breakfast...a traditional Chinese breakfast.  We'd never had this before, so it was new and interesting.
I simply HAD to take a picture of our hotel in Wenshan!  You gotta love that window!  lol!

Thursday morning we headed to the orphanage where Wren spent the better part of her life.  We got to see the room she shared with a few other girls.

We saw the playground where the kids played.  I'm not sure if these cars are always out and about for the kids to play with, but Wren loved being pushed around in them.  There was a camera crew there during our visit, so perhaps that's why the cars were there?
Wren loved hanging out with Ellie, Mary and Cory's daughter.  She was such a good sport, pushing Wren around in the car and holding her hand as we walked.  You certainly made Wren's day Ellie!

We also met Whitney, who visits the orphanage regularly and does therapy with the kids.  Thanks so much for all you do Whitney! 

Katie travelled with the Miller family and was generous enough to become our personal tour guide while in Wenshan.  Without her we would have been lost!  She made sure we made it to and from Wenshan, found great places to eat and a place to spend the night. And she spent a good chunk of the bus ride back to Kunming with these 3 squeezed into her seat. Thanks so much Katie!

Our sweet little angel, all tuckered out after our trip!  She really is amazing!  As her Daddy said..."It feels like I've known her for a life time.  As though I knew her before we heard about her". 
Yup!  That man of mine really is a gem!  He has the biggest heart and his sweet little girl is slowly learning to see past the goatie that she despises!


Chantel Klassen said...

I never have any decent words after your posts, just big smiles and a happy heart. <3
Though, that bathroom . . . I could not deal.

Kim said...

Tears at Martin's words. So happy for you all.