Monday, November 16, 2015

Forever Family Day-Wren

Well, the day finally arrived!  We met Wren today!
I was incredibly nervous...something that has never been much of an issue in our past adoptions.  Martin, on the other hand, was all calm and collected...completely at peace!  Go figure! :)
 We were the last to arrive at the Civil Affairs office, and upon seeing us, Wren smiled a shy little smile!  It was good to see that she recognized us!
Wren was shy and unsure, and a whole lot overwhelmed.  Thankfully, Tara (her foster mom), and Katie, (who has visited Wren regularly the past few years) were both present to help ease the transition and explain what was happening.
Wren definitely felt more comfortable with me initially, but by the evening she had warmed up to Martin and was coloring with him!
As for me...the reality of all of this has yet to sink in.  It seems unreal that this has actually happened...that we are Wren's and she is ours!  However, it feel so very right! 


Joe Stapp said...

I ran across your pic on the SN China adoption page! OH HOW I HAVE PRAYED FOR THIS GIRL!!! We wanted so badly to bring her home but our agency wouldn't let us bring home two! We were FULLY commited to reusing our dossier to go back and get her but prayed FERVENTLY she would not have to wait for us!! I am SO blessed and thrilled to know that she will finally be home!!
Know that I have loved your girl with a mothers love and have showered her with prayer for some time now!! May God richly bless this leg of your journey and bring you safely home! May He knit your heart together as you all grow into the family He created!!
I am weeping tears of sheer JOY!
Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

You got a sweet heart of a child! My name is Phyllis and my husband and I live in Wenshan and had the honor of being around your new daughter. Praying you all bond deeply and that she knows that she is loved by you all.

Marie said...

Wow! Our hearts are deeply touched by your love for our precious Wren! Your prayers are what have made her becoming our daughter a reality...thank you! Phyllis, we're in Wenshan tomorrow.

Chantel Klassen said...

YAY! Thanks for this update!!!!! Wren is just precious. Also, I'm so glad that Martin was able to come with this time. Can't wait to see more updates!!

Carrie said...

I am so thrilled to be able to share in this joyful time for you and Wren. We also tried to adopt her (we had named her "Gwen"!) but WACAP wouldn't allow us to re-use our Dossier so soon. We prayed for this little girl and cried tears for her and wanted nothing more than to see her in a loving, Christ-honoring family, and the Lord has so faithfully answered our prayers and the prayers of so many. We truly loved this little girl and will pray for a smooth transition for all of you. I am blessed to be able to witness this answered prayer! Congratulations!